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PCB layout is an intricate and complex process that requires many kinds of technical and engineering knowledge. In the world of PCBs and circuit boards, PCBLayout designers are experts in transforming electrical schematics into physical components that can be manufactured into a circuit board, using best practice techniques and components to ensure ultimately optimal results.

PCB Layout Designers must ensure that wiring features like trace and drill paths, component placements, clearances, tightly packed connections and more are all accurately planned and implemented; This means carefully dodging needless obstacles, such as constraints on the size, type and quantity of components, that could limit functionality or halt overall progress on the circuit board. This can include both automated processes like CAD (Computer Aided Design) software systems for component placement as well as manual valuations to make sure all design aspects are in order.

Overall, a professional PCB Layout Designer will be able to bring your electrical schematic from ideas on paper to physicality; by taking into account your available resources and budget to create boards with proper component placement that adheres best to the project's needs.

Here's some projects that our expert PCB Layout Designer made real:

  • Embedded control systems with LCDs, serial peripherals and WIFI enabled modules
  • Gerber files converted from a CAD Step file
  • Single line diagrams created on CAD platforms
  • Arduino based stepper motor programs with graphical user interfaces
  • Circuits with two Arduino Nanos connected using MCP2515 buses
  • Electrical schematics of manufacturing machinery brought to life
  • Code modification of open source projects such as GRBL to add LCD support

At Freelancer.com, our expert PCB Layout Designers can help create any project's electrical dream come true. From converting schematics into physical product or modifying code for various applications, our skilled professionals know what it takes to solve problems. That’s why hiring a freelancer for PCB Layout Design is a great idea for any individual, team or company who needs help with their electrical projects. Post your project today on Freelancer.com and hire an expert today!

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    I'm seeking a professional who can design and develop a compact, pocket-sized car pressure gauge. The goal is to measure tire pressure accurately and quickly. It should feature: - A digital display for easy reading. - An integrated flashlight for use in low light conditions. - Auto shut-off functionality to conserve battery life. - Waterproof design for durability and versatility. A critical requirement is a battery-powered source, ensuring the gauge is always ready when needed. The ideal freelancer would have experience in electronic gadget design, particularly in the automotive field, understanding of power efficiency and battery operations. Familiarity with water-resistant designs would be a plus. Skilled engineers with a knack for compact, user-friendly designs are ideal.

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    $56 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I require assistance from an adept power electronics engineer to design a microinverter. This entails: - Operating within an input voltage range of 24-48V - Capability to support a home circuit load of 120V/60Hz The ideal candidate should demonstrate a deep understanding of power electronics, particularly in microinverter technology. Prior experience in this field will be greatly beneficial. Additionally, proficiency in managing home circuit loads is essential. Should be similar to this electronic:

    $1883 (Avg Bid)
    $1883 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    I'm looking for a highly skilled PCB designer to help create a tiny form factor ESP32S3-based PCB for a personal kit that I'm developing. The primary application of this PCB will be in a personal kit meant for everyday use. Key requirements: - The PCB should have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless communication with other devices. - The design should include support for I2C sensors. These sensors will be crucial for the successful operation of the personal kit. - Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Expertise in PCB design, particularly with ESP32S3 with Flash and RAM. No module use - Prior experience working on small form factor designs. - Familiarity with incorporating Bluetooth connectivity into PCBs. - Proficiency in integrating I2C sensors into PCB desig...

    $31 (Avg Bid)
    $31 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    Looking for an hardware engineer who can develop a custom and portable ultrasound device using commercial piezo ceramic arrays and polymer arrays for imaging. The device should be able to image under skin at diffetent frequencies. So it should be portable. It should be simple and operable using Arduino or custom made solutions. The responsibilities for this project include: - Circuit design - PCB layout - Prototype testing - Embedded programming - PCB printing and testing There will be NDA. The ideal candidate for this project should have a good understanding of consumer electronics, and should have previous experience in creating new hardware products. Key requirements: - Proficiency in circuit design and PCB layout. - Experience with prototype testing and embedded progr...

    $2213 (Avg Bid)
    $2213 Avg Bid
    28 bids

    As a professional in need of a portable monitor, I'm seeking an experienced electrical engineer to handle the design of the display circuits and power schematics for the monitor and the docking station which will have its own battery as well. Here's a brief overview of the requirements and specifications for this project: Key Requirements: - The monitor must be designed with a professional use case in mind. - LED technology should be used for the screen. - The monitor must support 3-4 batteries to ensure extended use without recharging. Your Responsibilities: - Develop the necessary display circuits and power schematics, ensuring seamless integration with the LED screen and batteries. - Consider and incorporate the requirements of a docking station, which should be able to cha...

    $2 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $2 / hr Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I'm in the process of developing an electronic device and I need a PCB design that caters to my specific needs. Key Requirements: - The size of the PCB should be medium. - It should be capable of supporting wireless communication. Optimization for low power consumption is not a priority for me. The design should prioritize functionality and efficiency. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Experience in designing PCBs for wireless communication. - Proficiency in PCB design software. - Good understanding of electronic components and their interplay. - A proactive attitude towards problem-solving and communication. If you're confident in your PCB design skills and have a track record of successful projects in this area, I'd love to discuss this project w...

    $321 (Avg Bid)
    $321 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    As a professional in need of a portable monitor, I'm seeking an experienced electrical engineer to handle the design of the display circuits and power schematics for the monitor and the docking station which will have its own battery as well. Here's a brief overview of the requirements and specifications for this project: Key Requirements: - The monitor must be designed with a professional use case in mind. - LED technology should be used for the screen. - The monitor must support 3-4 batteries to ensure extended use without recharging. Your Responsibilities: - Develop the necessary display circuits and power schematics, ensuring seamless integration with the LED screen and batteries. - Consider and incorporate the requirements of a docking station, which should be able to cha...

    $161 (Avg Bid)
    $161 Avg Bid
    24 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced PCB designer to help me create a medium-sized circuit board meant for component interconnection. The goal is to ensure that the board is designed to a high standard and meets my specifications. Key Requirements: - The purpose of the PCB is for component interconnection, not power distribution or data transmission. - The PCB should be designed for a voltage range of 1-12V. - The dimensions of the PCB should be medium, up to 10cm x 10cm. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in PCB design, especially for component interconnection. - Expertise in working with low voltage range (1-12V) circuits. - Ability to deliver a high-quality, well-functioning medium-sized (up to 10cm x 10cm) PCB design. - Familiarity with the latest standards in PCB manuf...

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced electronics designer to create a prototype circuit board. This circuit board will be purposed for an electronic device and should encompass key functionalities that include: Design a compact PCB layout .Develop and finalize the schematic using KiCad or similar EDA tools .Select and integrate all necessary components, including ESP32, I2S microphone, battery management IC, wireless charging receiver, and USB-C connector .Ensure the design supports Bluetooth communication for audio data transmission .Implement power management and battery charging circuitry .Optimize the layout for signal integrity, power distribution, and manufacturability .Generate Gerber files and BOM for PCB DRC (Design Rule Check) and resolve any layout issues .Provide detail...

    $512 (Avg Bid)
    $512 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    I'm seeking a qualified professional experienced in constructing solar battery micro grids. The project focus is to replace diesel generators in Northern Australia and the Pacific, with a primary aim to cut down our power costs. The Ideal candidate should: - Be able to operate on an industrial scale as the project requires altering off-grid setups. - Have experience with solar and battery technologies, and understanding of replacing diesel generators with solar power systems. - Understand energy efficiency principles, with evidence of previous work reducing electricity costs. - Ability to design and prepare compelling proposals having the c ustomer. This project will require a high level of expertise and commitment. Please only bid if you have the necessary skills and experi...

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $34 / hr Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I require a well-experienced designer who can assist me in creating a multilayer PCB, which will run an array of components including but not limited to: - Passive components (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors) - Active components (Transistors, Diodes) - Integrated Circuits (ICs) - Microprocessor, image sensor, memory - GPS module, G sensor - Bluetooth module, display - Buttons and interface component - Microphone and speaker - Real-time clock, connectors, and interface ports The PCB should be rectangular in shape. I wish to work with someone possessing a comprehensive understanding of complex electronic designs and experience in handling projects of this scale. Your ability to ensure efficient layout, addressing potential issues such as signal integrity, power integrity, thermal manageme...

    $154 (Avg Bid)
    $154 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    As someone seeking professional design services, I have a project requiring the design of a medium-sized (4-8 inches) PCB layout. The goal of this project is to convert a DIN rail industrial panel (attached) into a smaller, PCB design in order to save space and cost.

    $1091 (Avg Bid)
    $1091 Avg Bid
    59 bids

    I am in need of an audio hardware engineer with a specialization in troubleshooting existing audio hardware. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong background in audio engineering - Proficient in diagnosing and fixing hardware issues - Familiar with a wide range of consumer audio devices - Excellent problem-solving skills - Experience in the repair or maintenance of professional audio equipment is a plus Your primary responsibility will be to diagnose and resolve the issues affecting our existing audio hardware. You should be able to work efficiently and effectively to ensure the hardware is functioning optimally. If you have a track record of successful audio hardware troubleshooting and a passion for solving complex problems, I would love to hear from you.

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I require a highly-skilled freelancer to design and develop a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader circuit. The circuit will focus on reading NFC tags (NTAG 215) via a custom-built antenna. Specifics include: - The operating range of the NFC reader antenna should be between 1 to 2cm. - It must be capable of detecting specific tags without unnecessarily scanning nearby ones. - Furthermore, the circuit will be integrated with a specified embedded system, developing compatibility is a must-have. For this project, strong experience in circuit design, NFC technology understanding and embedded systems integration is required. Attention to detail to ensure accurate tag scanning and low power usage is also a critical skill for this task. Potential freelancers should demonstrate their knowled...

    $1397 (Avg Bid)
    $1397 Avg Bid
    31 bids

    I need an expert in embedded systems to develop a functionality for my lab instrument, a bursting strength tester. The successful applicant must have a solid background in designing, testing, and implementing embedded systems for lab instruments ideally. The key features I expect in this project include: - Real-Time Data Display: The system should be capable of displaying pressure readings in real-time to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the tests. Relevant skills for this project include: - Embedded systems development and programming - Knowledge on how bursting strength testers work - Experience with real-time data integration and display Please detail your relevant experience with similar projects and your approach to achieving these requirements when making a b...

    $4023 (Avg Bid)
    $4023 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I'm in need of a detailed bill of materials for an electronics project. I'd like it to be created in both KiCad and EAGLE software. The BOM should be detailed: - Including components, specifications, and suppliers - Include estimated pricing for each component The ideal freelancer for this job should: - Have strong experience in electronics design and BOM creation - Be proficient in KiCad and EAGLE software - Be able to deliver a comprehensive and accurate BOM, with pricing. - Be able to provide a timely delivery. Your expertise in these software platforms and understanding of electronics will be key to completing this job successfully.

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 Avg Bid
    28 bids

    Design and print a functional hardware (will reimburse for the hardware and PCBs if it works) that will have the following tools and capability in a single system: 1) Should be able to put inside glass full of water. 2) An array of 5 piezo actuators (prefarably ceramic or polymer) embedded to a single flex pcb. Four square and one cicular disc actuators should have a single particular ultrasonic resonant frequency and have a single driver board with power consumption of 1.5W or less. The piezo will atomize the water. So you have to design the driver (transformer or other elements) accordingly. 3) A sensor should also be added (to the flex pcb along with actuators) to sense the water level and send wireless signal to its monitoring module outside. 4) Embedded programming language (scripts ...

    $326 (Avg Bid)
    $326 Avg Bid
    28 bids

    I need a highly skilled professional to create Gerber files for 3 different connectors on a Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF Edition board. Key Requirements: - Non-scripted entries only. Otherwise you're a bot. - The purpose of creating these files is for manufacturing purposes, so the files must be accurate and up to industry standards. - Please note that I'm only able to provide images of the ports, not the original specifications or documentation, so you must be able to work from these images. This is easy for someone that can 3D scan one of their own 9020 SFF boards. Ideal Freelancer: - You must NOT use a script when proposing an offer. These will be deleted, and anybody who messages me the same script will be blocked. - You must NOT come from, and/or hold a citizenship certificate ...

    $121 (Avg Bid)
    $121 Avg Bid
    17 bids

    As a complete novice in the field of electrical panels, I'm looking for an expert who can guide me through the process of designing and building an electrical panel. My goal is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to use this professionally, as well as for personal projects. Key Points: - I have no prior experience working with electrical panels, so the ideal candidate should have the ability to break down complex concepts into simple, understandable steps. - I prefer a hands-on, practical approach to learning. Ideally, you'll be able to provide me with guided projects and exercises to apply what I'm learning in a real-world context. - While my primary goal is professional development, I'm also keen on understanding the fundamentals thoroughly. Skills and E...

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced electrical engineer who can design a custom voltage regulator for use in radio control cars. Size is important. The smaller and lighter, the better. The project involves the following specifications: - The input voltage should be in the range of 9V - 25.2V. - It should be able to output an 8.4V regulated voltage. - The maximum load current the voltage regulator will need to support is considerable at 15A. Please only bid if you have a background in electronics and have prior experience in circuit design and voltage regulators. Knowledge of industry standards and safety regulations is also a must. This looks like a challenging but interesting project for someone with the right skills.

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 Avg Bid
    31 bids

    I'm seeking a knowledgeable PLC and SCADA programmer for a project aimed at monitoring and controlling my production line operations. Key Responsibilities: - Design and configure PLC and SCADA systems from scratch, as we currently have no existing systems in place. - Ensure versatile and comprehensive coverage to monitor and regulate our production processes. Skills and Experience: - Solid proficiency with PLCs and SCADA systems. - Prior experience in developing such systems for production line monitoring and control. - Ideally, familiarity with Siemens, Allen-Bradley, or Mitsubushi systems. Your role will considerably contribute to enhancing decision-making and augmenting work efficiency and productivity. You'll be pivotal in helping us make strides in our operations. Lookin...

    $287 (Avg Bid)
    $287 Avg Bid
    25 bids

    I'm looking for someone with experience in PCB design to help me make specific changes to my PCB model. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in PCB design - Ability to modify component layout, redesign circuits, and reduce size if necessary Please note that I have not provided the specific changes needed, as I'm looking for an expert who can assess and recommend the most appropriate modifications based on the current model.

    $18 - $154
    $18 - $154
    39 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled PCB designer for a consumer electronics project. The ideal candidate will be able to create a double-layer PCB design with the following specifications: - The design should be optimized for use in consumer electronics. - Deliverables should include Gerber files, Schematic files, Bill of Materials (BOM), and Pick and place files. - The design should be highly efficient and cost-effective, making use of space and components wisely. Relevant experience and skills for this job include: - Proven experience in double-layer PCB design, particularly for consumer electronics. - Proficiency in using design software to create Gerber files, Schematic files, and BOM. - Familiarity with designing for pick and place processes. - Strong attention to detail, ensuring all com...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    I have a design for a driver and PCB/LED holder but require specific modifications to be made to the design. Key Details: - The modifications needed primarily involve size adjustments and functionality improvements. - I seek to optimize the design for improved performance and possibly cost efficiency. Desired Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in electronic design and PCB layout - Previous experience with LED holders and driver design - Ability to understand and implement size adjustments effectively - Creativity in suggesting and implementing functionality improvements Your understanding of both electronic design best practices and LED holder design will be crucial in bringing these modifications to life. Your expertise in design alterations and suggestions for improvements are hi...

    $426 (Avg Bid)
    $426 Avg Bid
    71 bids

    I'm in need of an Arduino board that can effectively receive input from distance sensors for a specific application. The primary goal is to use this setup for Gerber pick and place PCB prototype files. Key Requirements: - The board should be capable of receiving input from distance sensors. - The sensor in question is specifically meant to perform object detection. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming. - Experience in integrating and working with distance sensors. - Prior knowledge of Gerber pick and place PCB prototype files. Budget $50

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Avg Bid
    17 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can assist me in designing a PCB for a specific device (details will be shared upon engagement) that integrates NFC technology. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in PCB design - Experience with NFC technology - Ability to work on a project with vague initial requirements

    $153 (Avg Bid)
    $153 Avg Bid
    16 bids

    I am looking for a talented professional to help me design and develop a plastic toy polygraph concept prototype. It should be a small tabletop box device with the following features: -Breathing Tubes: Tubes that wrap around the abdomen to measure breathing patterns. -Skin Sensors: Small sensors attached to the fingers or palms to measure sweat levels. -Heart Rate Monitor: A cuff or similar device placed on the arm to measure heart rate and blood pressure. -plastic box Unit: A main device or box where all the sensors connect -result data: paper chart with metal pins showing the reading of the heart rate, sweat, and breathing The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in toy design and prototyping, as well as familiarity with consumer electronics. The color scheme sho...

    $457 (Avg Bid)
    $457 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced PLC programmer with a strong background in Siemens S7-1200 to help with a process automation project. Key Requirements: - Prior experience with Siemens S7-1200: The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in programming this specific PLC model as it forms the backbone of the automation project. - Process Automation Skills: The primary objective of this project is to automate our processes. Hence, the freelancer should have a solid understanding and experience in process automation. - HMI Integration: Knowledge and experience in integrating HMI systems with PLCs is crucial as the automation will require seamless communication between human operators and the machines. Please note that prior experience with HMI systems is not just a plus, but a mus...

    $296 (Avg Bid)
    $296 Avg Bid
    16 bids

    I'm in need of an electronic MCU based card tailored for IoT applications. This card should integrate the following features and specs: - **Functionality:** Real-time data monitoring capability is a must. The card should support wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi, facilitating seamless data transfer and exchanges. - **Design:** The card should be compact and small, allowing for easy integration into IoT setups. Please ensure that the size and dimensions are optimized for this purpose. - **Display:** A color graphical LCD display is also required. This display should be clear and visually appealing, allowing for efficient data visualization and interaction. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Deep experience in designing and developing electronic MCU based cards for IoT ap...

    $310 (Avg Bid)
    $310 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I'm considering establishing a small-scale EV charging station in a Tier 2 city in India. I'm looking for guidance and detailed steps to set up the station, which is intended to support both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Key Project Aspects: - Location: I'm interested in understanding the ideal locations within Tier 2 cities in India to set up the EV charging station. Information on zoning regulations, accessibility, and potential user base in these locations would be highly valuable. - Station Setup: I need guidance on the technical requirements and infrastructure setup for a small-scale station (1-5 chargers). This includes information on the power supply needed, charger types, and any specialized equipment required for supporting two-wheelers and four-wheelers. - EV Co...

    $109 (Avg Bid)
    $109 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    Project Overview: The goal is to design a device with a target cost of less than Rs 1000, maintaining the form factor of a current transformer (clamp-on type) to ensure ease of installation. Below are the key specifications and requirements for the device: Device Power: Energy Harvesting: The device will be powered by energy harvesting from the secondary CT current. We are considering circuits such as the Texas Instruments reference design TIDA-01385. CT Specification: Current: Supports installation in the range of 20-100A. Phase: Designed for single-phase connections, common in most Indian residences. Voltage: Supports the normal Indian voltage range of 230V. Line Frequency: Supports the normal Indian frequency range of 50Hz. Mechanical Design: Size: The device should be as small as p...

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled electrical engineer or PCB designer to help me create a medium-sized PCB circuit for prototyping purposes. The main component that should be included in the design are capacitors. Key Requirements: - Design a PCB circuit for prototyping purposes - Medium size PCB - Must be suitable for prototyping - Main component: Capacitors Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PCB circuit design - Prior experience in creating medium-sized PCBs - Understanding of capacitor integration

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled PCB designer to develop a prototype for my project. The circuit requires a moderate level of complexity, including microcontrollers and multiple inputs/outputs. It's crucial that the design is optimized for low power consumption. Key Points: - PCB Design: You should have a solid background in designing PCBs, especially for prototyping purposes. - Complexity: The design will involve microcontrollers and multiple inputs/outputs, therefore, experience with moderate complexity projects is a must. - Power Optimization: The design needs to be tailored to achieve low power consumption. Experience in power-efficient design will be a significant advantage. This project demands a professional who can deliver a high-quality, efficient PCB design that suits the para...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Avg Bid
    10 bids

    I need a controls engineer with experience configuring a Bardac VFD and an IDEC PLC, particularly for a manufacturing application. Key Tasks: - Demo a configuring a Bardac VFD with precise speed and torque control settings using Modbus. - Set up the IDEC PLC's input/output controls to manage the VFD and send the VFD controls through Modbus. Ideal Candidates: - Prior experience with Bardac VFDs and IDEC PLCs, with a focus on manufacturing applications. - Strong understanding of speed and torque control mechanisms. - Proficiency in configuring input/output controls in PLCs. - Ability to work independently and efficiently to fulfill the project requirements.

    $134 (Avg Bid)
    $134 Avg Bid
    22 bids

    I need expert help with creating fully comprehensive P&ID and SLD (Single Line Diagram) drawings. The drawings should be: - Fully detailed with component specifications and operational data - Developed using all the provided technical data Key Skills: - Proficiency in creating P&ID and SLD drawings - Attention to detail in terms of specifications and operational data - Ability to work with provided technical data While I will provide all the necessary technical data for the project, I'm looking for someone with the experience to translate this information into the required drawings. The project calls for a high level of precision, so attention to detail is crucial.

    $1450 (Avg Bid)
    $1450 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled Electrical and Mechanical Engineer to help with a multifaceted project that requires expertise in software development, PCB design, and prototype creation. The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas: - PCB Layout: You will be responsible for designing the PCB, ensuring it meets the specified size and dimensions, and implementing optimal component placement and routing strategies Needs to be wifi accessible - Firmware Development: You will need to create software that enables the control and monitoring of electrical components, integrates seamlessly with mechanical components, and features a user-friendly interface for easy operation. - Prototype Design: You should have prior experience in building prototypes, understanding the importance of...

    $562 (Avg Bid)
    $562 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    I am looking for an experienced electrician or home inspector to assess the condition of the Romex electrical wiring in my home for moisture damage. The primary objective is to identify whether the Romex requires replacement due to potential water exposure, particularly in the living areas of my property. Key components of the project to consider: - Assessment of Romex near plumbing fixtures as these areas are more susceptible to moisture exposure. - Expertise in residential electrical systems and water damage assessment. Please share your experience in handling similar projects. A keen eye for detail and meticulousness would be ideal for this job.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Avg Bid
    11 bids

    I need a professional to help me diagnose the power output issues in my recently designed and fabricated 65W USB-PD charger PCB that employs PAG1P and PAG1S components from Infineon. Your task is to debug the system and ensure the charger outputs the intended power. Key responsibilities include: - Reviewing my existing PCB design - Identifying the root cause of the power output issues - Providing consultation to troubleshoot and resolve the issue I need this work to be done as soon as possible. Required: - Proficiency in USB-PD charger design, especially with PAG1P and PAG1S components from Infineon - Prior experience in debugging power output issues - Capacity to provide prompt and effective troubleshooting solutions - Strong communication skills to assist me in understanding and impl...

    $94 (Avg Bid)
    $94 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    I'm seeking an experienced Electrical Engineer to carry out meaningful electrical design and power distribution for a healthcare facility of less than 10,000 sq ft. Your role will include, but not limited to: - Developing an efficient electrical design for the facility - Designing a reliable power distribution system Compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC) and Healthcare Facility Guidelines is crucial for the successful execution of this project. Ideal Skills: - Sound knowledge of NEC and Healthcare Facility Guidelines - Proven experience in electrical design and power distribution - Experience with similar projects in healthcare sector would be a plus. Please ensure you provide relevant portfolio/examples of prior work. Let's create a health facility that is not ...

    $490 (Avg Bid)
    $490 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I need help with upgrading my current electrical system. The primary tasks will involve: - Redesigning circuit layouts: The upgrades need to be targeted at delivering improved circuit design, ensuring better electrical flow, and minimizing losses. - Enhancing system capacity: My current system has about 1-3 circuits. I'd love to see an upgrade that maximizes the capacity of these circuits, making them ready for future expansion and more efficient electrical consumption. Expertise in ETAP is mandatory. Experience in handling similar projects and a good understanding of electrical system upgrades will add to your advantage. I look forward to working with professionals passionate about energy efficiency! Urgently need to short circuit calculation with VFD in source along with selecti...

    $277 (Avg Bid)
    $277 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    requiero diseñar una pcb que me permita conectar los siguientes componente sensor fc-28 dht11 display oled 128x64 I2c una bomba de agua a 5v todos estos componentes deben trabajar en comunicacion con la esp32 wroom 32d requiero los entregables de esquematico, diseño de la pbc en un formato editable

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Avg Bid
    3 bids

    Hola, tengo un esquema de un pdf de un optoacoplador de una señal analógica y necesito crearlo en proteus y comprobar su funcionabilidad. Son unos pocos componentes. Adjunto el pdf del circuito.

    $147 (Avg Bid)
    $147 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    Potrzebują projektu wraz pełną dokumentacją płyty głównej do komputera stacjonarnego jaki i do laptopa.

    $5300 (Avg Bid)
    $5300 Avg Bid
    1 bids
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    Merhaba aku limitor ihtiyacım var yardımcı olabilirmisiniz Aku voltajını gosteren ekran Aku voltajını ayarlayabilecegimiz trimpod Burada örnek var

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