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This contest is for quality graphic design only, no programming required. One Page Website Design with sections, and additionally an error page, a login page and a page for Privacy P...

4 $350 USD Jan 21, 2020 2 weeks, 4 days Post a contest like this

Cookiecad is a website that turns an image into a 3D cookie cutter. People can order their custom design as a physical cookie cutter shipped to them, or download the model for 3D printi...

117 $200 USD Jan 21, 2020 5 days, 22 hours Post a contest like this

We are needing our logo redesigned to be a little more simpler and uniform. Font can be modern, funky, cartoon ect. Anything that you think looks good and represents our brand. Would...

194 $110 USD Jan 20, 2020 4 days, 22 hours Post a contest like this

Hi everyone, The description of the requested project is simple, a design for a wedding invitation with ART DECÓ style is requested Invitation must arrive with the classic texts o...

165 $160 USD Jan 20, 2020 4 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

Im looking for 3 different super bowl LIV designs Tshirts that take place on feb 2, 2020 in Miami Forida The super bowl teams Kansas city Chiefs Vs San Francisco 49ers Staduim- ...

27 $80 USD Jan 20, 2020 4 days, 4 hours Post a contest like this

Brand design for coffee shop that includes logo and mockup ( cup , bag ..etc). please notice that the logo will be in the shop panel. the concept is Brain + coffee or coffee beans or ...

517 $260 USD Jan 19, 2020 1 day, 19 hours Post a contest like this

Hello, I need a T-shirt designed. I would like the front to be an image of a dog that is similar to one named Matapacos (you can find images of that dog on Google). I have posted ...

98 $190 USD Jan 18, 2020 1 week, 2 days Post a contest like this

I want a logo designed for TH Site Services they are a company who are demolition contractors, Building sites cleanups and rubbish removal, and they also remove trees please design ...

38 $50 AUD Jan 17, 2020 2 days Post a contest like this