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Teloquence means Technology + ELOQUENCE which means fluent in technology.. The logo should represent semiconductor or technology or electronics or silicon wafer kind. You can use 2 c...

380 $35 USD Dec 3, 2020 2 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

I would like you guys to create a logo [based on your creative and visual idea] based on below description:- 1. The Logo words must be "MAKITI224" [The wording have to be creative, if y...

122 $25 USD Dec 3, 2020 3 days, 15 hours Post a contest like this

Ok, I guess I need to re-word and simplify my description, again. There is no more mention of "cheap tires" in this description. Please take a look at the "Velocity Tire" logo in the ...

518 $500 CAD Dec 3, 2020 5 days, 12 hours Post a contest like this

Hi everyone! I need logo for my new company. The name of the company is GRAND MERIDIAN. Our company is engaged in trade, production and services. We are looking for a logo that stands o...

252 $22 USD Dec 2, 2020 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

CBD company needs a rebrand of its logo design with a modern and creative typeface. VISUAL GOALS: Wordmark Type Logo with the brand name “Oveeo”. We would like to keep the same genera...

585 $120 USD Dec 2, 2020 5 days, 2 hours Post a contest like this

It is all described in word document below. Follow the instructions ! For better understanding I have also posted a video of what i need here: OpenCart web...

17 €300 EUR Nov 30, 2020 3 days, 6 hours Post a contest like this

Glass Heart Gaming is a small game development business that specializes in creating romance games. As we prepare for our first game’s debut, we are wanting to update our look with both...

187 $300 USD Nov 29, 2020 2 weeks, 1 day Post a contest like this

convert an old newspaper advertisement in to a poster. keen to make the poster look vintage, with a modern twist for 'glasgow estate' which is where i live. please use the graphic 'gla...

80 $75 AUD Nov 29, 2020 13 hours, 43 mins Post a contest like this