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How To Hire a Business Consultant

Learn how to hire a business consultant on
Oct 11, 2022 • 6 minute read
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If your work ‘n’ task bus is “missing someone special” - you have come to the right place.
Because a work journey should be intuitive, productive and magically whirl itself to memory, not. possess the look and feel of a haunted bus experience on a suspended route from the middle of nowhere to somewhere else “nobody ever was” anyway.
Let this generous and spacious work hub be your gateway to a seamless travel experience through the vast arrays of hire options and possibilities, with its smorgasbord of destinations full of opportunity.
Small or big business owners, employers, project managers, recruiters, fasten your seatbelts; will allow you to customise the vehicle for your company’s success story, with your safety and comfort accounted for, with refunds an easy option in case you find something not to your standard of satisfaction.
It would be strongly recommended not to let an apprehension of the unknown digital realm scare you away from this online platform, for it will be an investment well- made to familiarise yourself with its functions and functionality and the huge benefits its employ can yield for your business.
Whether you are looking to hire a business consultant to handle or assist you with the legal and financial sides of your company management or you are venturing for a temporary hire to assist you with the creative copywriting and PR aspects of the company sell; an abundance of highly-skilled, trained and qualified freelancers are at your whim and on your digital doorstep, waiting for a chance to be hired to impress their talent upon you and your company.
Hiring a freelancer grants you a custom-fit array to foray into a trove of talented personnel from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and careers, even countries and nationalities, and you are in full control of the hiring process from start to finish.
No boardroom conversations to be drafted on the junior floor modelled after the same standardised template and tried approaches, no company commercials shot in the same style that you’d already noticed your competitors were lifting off your mutual competitors.
If all these draws have piqued your interest into learning more about the way we do business and you could do yours, then please keep reading.
This article would like to talk you through setting up an account on, explain in detail the hiring process, and endeavour to equip you to navigate this freelancing webspace so as to never have you and your company left wanting for qualified choice in their field of expertise ever again.
Follow the below step-by-step guide to acquaint yourself with the way we do business.

How to Hire a Business Consultant on

Let it begin here, on the homepage, the easy-to-venture and user-friendly site to welcome new and old users, employers and freelancers alike.
Posting a Project and Registering on
On the top right corner of the website you will find two evenly-sized buttons, which, upon a mouse click, allow you to either log-in or sign-up.
A third button invites you to “Post a Project”, immediately whisking you away to the project page, with the necessary registering process integrated into the project posting routine.
“Choosing a name for your project” should be all about making a poignant first impression as potential freelancers will likely have a quick look at the project headlines and titles to determine whether or not they are eligible for your project wants and needs.
In our scenario, we are looking for a business consultant for a merger (consider it the meta level equivalent of the logging-in and signing-up procedure).
“Tell us more about your project”
This space allows you to elaborate and share important details of your job offer, such as the desired qualifications, work hours, project outlines and objectives.
You can further attach any necessary documents or work briefs that you would want the freelancer to have a look at, which should prove incredibly helpful when it comes to gauging and assessing the candidates’ skill-levels and grasp of the subject matter.
After signing up and publishing your project, you will then be able to communicate with freelancers of your choosing via chat, presenting you with the option to discuss project- related questions with selected candidates on an in-depth level.
Taking the time to get to know your job applicants a bit better should help you with narrowing down the field of contenders in order to facilitate finding the best suited hire for your job.
Someone looking to hire a financial consultant for a company merger may phrase the job ad to resemble something like this:
Medium-sized company (small-arms manufacturing) looking to buy out a competitor to form a new subsidiary. We are seeking an experienced business consultant (10+ years of professional experience, please provide your CV, character references and a list of relevant past employers) to audit the company we are interested in.
In best pastiched practise...
Freelancers can elect to fine-tune their own skillset and thus personalise their job searches, leaving them fully in control of the type of job ads they’d like to see pop up on the project page.
“What skills are required?”
Vice versa, employers are welcome to streamline their search for the perfect fit by setting these keyword prerequisites.
E.g. Someone with a background in drafting financial business plans for digital start-ups may not be interested in applying for a job requiring auditing know-how and merger technicalities.
Sometimes though, magic can come and happen out of the blue, and people “out of left field”, who may not bring with them the linear work experience desired, but nonetheless are educated and qualified to the expected standard, may outperform their peers.
For employers wishing to have different talent and work methodologies showcased before deciding on a freelancer to hire for their project, we offer the option of holding a “contest”, with competing entries either publicly visible, which may serve to mutually inspire and motivate, or hidden and sealed from other people’s view.
In very delicate creative or company-sensitive matters, employers can ask potential contestants to sign Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before inviting them to participate in the contest, so as to have you, the employer, reassured that all entries and drafts are for-your-eyes-only.
It should perhaps be noted here that the contest holder is free not to award the prize money, so if you are wondering why your contest has not received as many quality proposals as you had hoped for, then it may be due to the fact that your are not guaranteeing a winner.
Drawing the top crowd and top people for any job should be incentivised, these are, after all, working professionals who take time out of their day to custom-make their best response to your query.
Understandable then, they would at least like to be contending with the possibility of being crowned the winner.
It would thus be advised to make your contest a “guaranteed” one, signalling that you agree to pick a winner and award the prize money even if you do not find that there was an entry befitting of your work vision. Stating your objectives clearly and succinctly will go a long way in realising and obtaining your workspace ideals.
“How would you like to get it done?”
→ Choose between creating a project or a contest.
“How do you want to pay?”
→ You can opt to pay your hired freelancer by the hour or pay a fixed price.
The next consecutive step allows you to set the overall budget for your project; in this trial-run we have an allocated budget of 12 to 18 Euros per hour. Freelancers will be able to make their work proposals within this salary range.
Should you be too busy to be making preliminary hiring decisions yourself, you can turn your project into a “recruiter project”, which effectively delegates all hiring responsibilities except for the final-say to an expert member of our Freelancer staff.
This feature grants you the luxury of outsourcing to our virtual HR department and will ultimately present you with a selection of hand-picked freelancers.
The last and final step of posting your project to consists of the simple revision of all the data you have rendered to create your ad.
“Are these details correct?”
If all the information you have given is accurate in word and fact, and you are content with your job ad, you may now proceed to post your project to the website...
And feel welcome to the Freelancer family!
We are glad to find you along for the ride on our infinitely exciting excursion to never cease pushing boundaries, challenging the limits, exploring, inventing and innovating the workplace.
Let us redact the blueprint together, to give shape and colour to great ideas, to encourage enquiring minds and to pave the way for bold approaches.
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