KNOW YOUR SUPERHERO (A game coded in j-query and bootstrap.

by ZAWN Tech

This game was written in j-query and provided by a template of html 5 and bootstrap CSS. The algorithm involved constitute the exponential operations on the user\'s name and date of birth and randomly picking up the super hero in the bulk of images repository... Images are then loaded asynchronously into the DOM via AJAX calls. It was my one of the tasks for my client.

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About Me

I am a full stack web and mobile app developer. I have expertise in: a) HTML5 and CSS3. b) HTML Bootstrap. c) Client side languages as: 1) JavaScript (Angular JS, Jquery, Node JS and Angular JS ). d) Server side languages as: 1) PHP 2) .Net (Web Forms, MVC5, Web API 1.0). 3) WordPress Above all i have a firm grasp over: 1) AJAX requests and responses. b) Data formatting in JSON and XML. In the desktop app development, I know: a) C language. b) C++. c) C# and vb (.NET). d) JAVA. e) Python. In the mobile app development ,I can work in: 1) Android 2) iOS 3) Phonegap I can also Design Logos and I can Design Websites and Game Graphics. I have experience of Linux OS (Implementing shell scripts, semaphores, message queues, forks and file descriptors).

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