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READ ALL BEFORE BIDDING. Bids that simply say “I can do it” will be ignored. A link to your current portfolio is essential.

First and most important, DO NOT BID on ANY parts of this work unless you are VERY GOOD at what you do. I will not choose you solely on the basis of cheap quotes, I will choose you on the basis of QUALITY. We only require very high quality work and will insist on first seeing several examples of similar work you have done before we decide if we should use you or not. As an example by quality I mean look at the work done by [url removed, login to view] check their portfolio.

I have re-listed part of this job due to recent staff changes in our company, sorry for those of you who may have contacted us previously, please do so again.

We now need someone who can fully create a new presence for several departments to our company.

First we would like to pay you to come up with some suggestions using your wonderful skills! Depending on what ideas and visuals you produce will determine how much more work we give you. I will be getting several people to produce ideas for us. The one who does the best will be working with us for a long time, it’s that simple.

If your work is good enough you will eventually take over the complete design of several new websites, plus potentially many other future jobs that we require.

First ideas need to be based around the following, imagine each as totally separate companies that are headed under one large organisation:

1 – Turf care and golf course accessories. Please note that the golf side has nothing to do with golf players. The products are associated with greenkeepers and the maintenance side of things. Basically the customers are the guys who cut the grass. The golf products are obviously specific to gold courses however the turf care tools are sold to anyone who looks after fine grass e.g. cricket, football, tennis, bowls, stately homes, council contractors etc. so we don’t want to scare these other potential customers away because they only think we sell golf stuff. See [url removed, login to view] as an example of our current site.

2 – Signs, Banners, Canvas Prints, Stickers etc. we have full in house sign making facilities. These are mainly sold to golf courses at the moment, but we would like to open up into other markets. We own a large digital printing machine that can produce full colour prints onto vinyl for any possible application. A visual way to let people build what they want on screen would be good. This is one of the machines we have as an example: [url removed, login to view] whatever you can think of we can print it and stick it onto something, need to get this message across!

3 – T-Shirts, we can print anything onto t shirts. We need a site that people can write their own text onto a t shirt on screen and order. We want to aim this at stag and hen parties first. Names for a good website required as we can’t think of one! This wants to be fun, not boring!

4 - [url removed, login to view] simply a pair of brackets that are bolted to the wall to hang rolls of vinyl onto. It’s only a single page at the moment but doesn’t really sell the product well. Also we need to add a spray mist bottle into the site that we sell.

Let your imagination run wild!

Other stuff below will become of use should you get the job……

Topics for current work required as follows:

1 – Corporate website, complete image re-design. See our current site [url removed, login to view] we would like to see some ideas for revamping our look. We need something online ASAP to improve the out of date look.

2 – Our business covers several different market sectors, each requires its own identity, and therefore the home page must not be specific to any one area only. For example we sell golf products, turf care tools, general tools, safety clothing, signs and printed graphics (which include stickers, printed t-shirts etc) An idea for navigation to each section has been created at [url removed, login to view] although we would like to see your suggestions on how to improve this. We may even consider different websites / homepages for each area of the business… see also for ideas: [url removed, login to view]

3 – Online shopping. Not essential straight away but must be allowed for to add when suggested.

4 – Flash visualisations. Some of our products are assembled to order as there are hundreds of combinations customers could potentially order. We require an online visual assembly system for several diverse product groups. A good example of something similar to what we require is [url removed, login to view] a quick simple mock up to pick different flags that we make was produced at [url removed, login to view]

OTHER REQUIREMENTS - If you are capable we also need detailed CAD drawings, showing dimensions and information for use in manufacturing (to give to injection moulders, casting and CNC machining companies), approx 10 drawings required immediately. Over 100 eventually. These will also be needed as high quality 3D rendered visuals for marketing purposes. You will have to rely on photos and rough sketches until the final correct component is drawn to our requirement. We will help as much as possible but you must have good product design skills as we will be looking at you for ideas on how to improve certain products designs.

In addition we will also need flyers, brochures and any other relevant marketing tools on an ongoing basis. Again suggestions welcomed.

Below is what one of our staff members previously posted on scriptlance before he left our company, it may be of some use to you as most of it is relevant:

A fast and reliable programmer/s needed to code our new corporate site, which will include an online shopping facility - BMS have 400+ products so this will be an essential part - so will need to include a login facility for customers, so that - for example - they can login at the homepage and order their products at their special rates.

The new site will be HTML based with a lot of interactive Flash content based on in-house designs (All Flash content will be produced by us) The important thing about this project is that we need someone that can code the site to look like our designs. The layout designs for all the pages will be provided by us. Along with all the graphics and content needed.

A PDF containing the design overview of the site can be downloaded here [url removed, login to view]

Test pages for the project can be found at [url removed, login to view]

Sorry to make the point again, but this job is coding only. All design will be handled by our in-house team. We are just looking for someone to take control of the site programming. This includes HTML layout, CSS and dynamic content (PHP?) as well as the online shopping aspect.

Although we have a lot of knowledge of action script and basic HTML, we have no experience of producing dynamic web content using PHP and the like. So suggestions as to how to proceed with this project would be greatly appreciated.

Project extension-Flash content update . . . .

This new part of the project is aimed mainly at someone with advanced Action Script experience. It's basically a product selection movie which will be used to select products that have multiple combinations that can be purchased. All the graphic side of things will be handled in-house by our Flash designer. This part of the job is for the scripting of the movie to handle all the variables needed to collate the information for the customer to place an order.

For example, we sell custom made signs that can have differing sizes plates, with multiple choice of ground fixing as well as a choice of a range of standard text or custom text/ graphic application. I would like the option for our customers to be able to BUILD the sign themselves on screen i.e.:

Step 1: Pick the size of the plate

Step 2: Choose the base colour of the sign

Step 3: Choose what type of ground mounting stake they want

Step 4: Apply the text they want on the plate (by selecting from standard texts or by uploading custom text)

Step 5: Enter quantity wanted

So that the end result appears on screen, so they can then print this off, fax or email it to us as an order. If this concept works we could then apply to other similar product groups we sell that have lots of options, such as our golf flags and pins.

As the only thing that needs to be inputted dynamically by the customer would be the Text input option (either choosing a standard input of typing in dynamic text) this would only be included in the Sign and also Golf Flag selection movies. But other than that, the 'engine' of the scripted movies will be pretty much the same and I don't see a problem with creating one master movie that can then be adapted across a range of products.

A good example of this method can be viewed here:

[url removed, login to view]

and a quick example of the sign selection version can be viewed here:

[url removed, login to view]

a PDF showing the basic flow can be downloaded here:

[url removed, login to view]

If this extra part of the project can be tied in to the shopping part of the site this would be great. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!!

Additional Info (Added 3/10/2006 at 3:51 EST)...

A small change to the shopping system now needs to be accounted for in your current bids. I've now been informed that the purchasing system needs to be simplified. No credit card transaction needs to take place. The order, along with the customer credit card details need to be collated and sent securely to the sales office to be processed via a cc machine in the office.

This is purely down to the way the ordering system works in-house. My understanding is that this will drastically effect the final costing as there will be a lot less work involved. Could you please adjust your bids accordingly. (thanks)

Also, in regards to the customer login - which will show the pricing at their given discount structure as well as country of origin currency - my MD says that the discount system is currently split into 3 tiers.

A - Joe Bloggs off the street = no discount

B - account customers = % discount

C - account customers = % discount (slightly different to tier B)

The percentage discount is worked out from product to product and not globally. All this information - which gets a bit in depth - is already set out in XL spread sheets, which is the basis for all calculation. These can be supplied when needed.

Good luck!


Note, you are bidding to produce IDEAS ONLY at this stage. Please READ the listing fully!

Skills: Adobe Flash, Graphic Design, Logo Design, PHP, Website Design

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