Physics is the fundamental science of energy, matter, force and motion. Everything in our world is based on the interactions of these elements and a physicist is at the helm of mathematical equations and formulas to fully comprehend them. With an expertise in Physics, one can create solutions to everyday problems as well as provide insight into complex problems.

Physicists have a unique ability to look at things differently, examine puzzles from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. For example, computer simulations are proving to be invaluable tools for investigating the behavior of physical systems by providing quick, cost-effective solutions to simplify production or design processes.

For businesses looking to combine the power of computer simulation with physics analysis, an expert physicist can make all the difference in improving products or inventing new ones. With their enhanced skillset and knowledge, we can explore beyond what a single traditional science can offer and make real advancements in our world.

Here's some projects that our expert Physicist made real:

    - Creating structures based off physics equations

    - Deciphering scientific videos

    - Tutoring on Physics subjects

    - Developing calculations on Chemistry topics

    - Editing mathematics related to General Relativity

    - Analysing stresses and deflections with ANSYS models

    - Introducing fluid mechanics through ANSYS tools

    - Presenting equilibrium in Chemistry classes

    - Solving physical chemistry questions

    At, our physicists are pros at combining physics and computer simulations to develop algorithmic solutions that better solve problems and lead to more useful outcomes. If you are looking for someone who can tantalize your scientific curiosity and bring concepts to life with their creativity, then a freelancer from our platform will meet all your needs—post your project today!

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      I need an expert in algebra to help me with a postgraduate-level problem set. The project has a high priority, so I need someone who can work on it immediately. Key requirements include: - Strong background in algebra - Experience in solving postgraduate level algebra problems - Ability to work quickly and accurately Ideal candidates should have advanced knowledge in algebra, including but not limited to: - Linear algebra - Abstract algebra - Algebraic geometry - Commutative algebra Please include relevant experience and examples of past work in your bid. This is an urgent project, and I'm looking to make a quick hire.

      $109 (Avg Bid)
      $109 Avg Bid
      15 bids

      I'm in need of skilled teachers to create educational lectures for me, specifically on the subject of NEET Physics. The ideal duration for each lecture is 30 minutes. These lectures are expected to be at an intermediate level of complexity, so a strong understanding and experience with this subject is key. The project will involve: - Creating engaging and informative educational content that caters to an intermediate level of understanding in NEET Physics - Designing a structured lecture that fits within a 30-minute timeframe - Ensuring the content is accurate, up-to-date, and aligns with the NEET physics curriculum - Engaging the audience by using effective communication and teaching techniques Ideal candidates should have: - Prior experience in teaching or creating educational con...

      $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
      $3 / hr Avg Bid
      13 bids

      Thermal Analysis of 1D material stack. SOW with more detail posted below

      $452 (Avg Bid)
      $452 Avg Bid
      39 bids
      Biomechanics Expert Needed 4 days left

      I'm in need of a biomechanical engineer with a deep understanding of musculoskeletal biomechanics to assist me in analyzing knee joint loading. The primary goal of this project is to gain insights into knee joint loading dynamics. If you have the expertise and the tools to help me with this project, please get in touch. Your contribution will be invaluable in advancing my understanding of knee joint loading and its implications.

      $5 - $10 / hr
      $5 - $10 / hr
      7 bids

      I'm in need of support with specific areas of mathematics. My primary focus is on Calculus, particularly solving problems. Additionally, I need assistance with linear equations and polynomials in Algebra. Ideal candidate should: - Have a strong background in Calculus and Algebra - Be adept at problem-solving in the aforementioned areas - Experience with teaching or tutoring in these subjects is a plus. The main objective of this project is to enhance my comprehension and problem-solving skills in Calculus.

      $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
      $19 / hr Avg Bid
      47 bids

      I'm looking for an expert in algorithm development and mathematics to help with a unique project. The goal is to establish a process to place a circle within measured data points contained in a spline. This method will be utilized to visualize data distribution, identify anomalies or outliers, and calculate the area or density of the data points. The heart of the algorithm should decide the best placement for the center point of the circle. As I'm not certain about how this should be determined, I would appreciate your expertise and judgment to find the best approach -Possibly using the centroid of the data points or another advanced mathematical method. The attached file explains it better. The spline is data measured, the circle is of known size. I want to place that circ...

      $2623 (Avg Bid)
      $2623 Avg Bid
      55 bids
      WIMS Neutronics 4 days left

      I need someone who also has access to and experience with WIMS nuclear code to train me in it. So don't message me if you don't.

      $1089 (Avg Bid)
      $1089 Avg Bid
      3 bids

      I'm in search of a highly experienced physics and mathematics tutor for high school level CBSC exam preparation. You'll be expected to conduct online classes on a weekly basis. Requirements: - Proficiency in high school level physics and mathematics - Prior experience with CBSC exam preparation - Ability to conduct engaging online classes - Strong communication skills - Availability for 3-4 hours of tutoring per week Please be prepared for an online interview as part of the selection process. Your teaching style, exam preparation techniques, and experience with online tutoring will be key aspects evaluated during the interview.

      $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
      $11 / hr Avg Bid
      25 bids
      M-Theory and Extra Dimensions 3 days left

      I am looking to consult with a theoretical physicist specializing in M-Theory, especially pertaining to extra dimensions. Key Responsibilities: - Provide detailed insights into M-Theory's handling of other dimensions - Explain how these dimensions interact with our understanding of general relativity - Work safely and confine theories within the hypothetical realms. Ideal Candidate: - Graduate degree in Physics or related field - Clear understanding of theoretical physics, particularly M-Theory - Excellent communicative abilities to explain complex concepts in understandable terms. This is a fantastic opportunity for academics to apply their knowledge in a practical, conceptual environment. I skipped answering how many extra dimensions we would explore so we can have a broad-rangi...

      $968 (Avg Bid)
      $968 Avg Bid
      4 bids

      Looking for a dedicated tutor who has studied physics or mathematics at university level in England. The tutoring will cover a range of topics including Ordinary Differential Equations (ODES), Curvilinear Coordinates, Fourier Series, Fourier Transforms, Special Functions, Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), and Integral Theorems. This is an excellent opportunity for experts seeking to help shape academic success.

      $23 (Avg Bid)
      $23 Avg Bid
      18 bids

      I'm in urgent need of an expert in thermodynamic cycles to assist me. Your deliver a project (broken down in 3 stages) I need help with a specific set of questions relating to thermodynamics of building systems- calculations and analyses relating to refrigeration cycles, optimisation, air conditioning, fan and chiller performance, part load ratio. I am using spyder (python) and modelica Dymola softwares for calculations. Please explain whether you have specific relevant experience

      $465 (Avg Bid)
      $465 Avg Bid
      36 bids

      I’m pursuing a BSc in Mathematics from IGNOU and need assistance with my coursework. My preferred format for support is through video tutorials. Key Requirements: - Help with BSc level mathematics coursework - Creation of clear, engaging and informative video tutorials The ideal freelancer for this job should: - Have a strong background in BSc Mathematics from IGNOU India - Be proficient in creating high-quality, engaging video content - Be able to explain complex mathematical concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner - Familiarity with IGNOU's BSc Math curriculum would be a plus

      $316 (Avg Bid)
      $316 Avg Bid
      11 bids

      I’m currently a bachelor’s student in physics, but I have a very specific theoretical interest which I want to be presented as a viable, publishable research paper. I am interested in the design of a dyson sphere, capable of utilizing the sun’s energy to manufacture a sizeable quantity of antimatter. I need to present this as a research paper with numerical data from previous experiments regarding energy output, antimatter mass etc. I have certain specifications as well towards the design of said instrument which I will reveal as we continue.

      $454 (Avg Bid)
      $454 Avg Bid
      27 bids

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