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Concept Design is the essential step in the production process - it's the bridge between ideas and creation, converting abstract visions into physical, tangible pieces of art. It's about connecting people to a project’s potential and giving freedom to their imaginations. A concept designer is capable of taking those thoughts and theories and making them a reality, from logo design to character design to cover art. The boundaries of concept design are expansive, ranging from video games to structures, furniture and more - the sky is the limit.

Here's some projects that our expert Concept Designers made real:

    • Character designs for mobile games

    • Physical product designs for consumer use

    • Artistic covers for novels

    • Renderings for marketing purposes

    • Drawings for architecture portfolios

    • Furniture redesigns with adapted measurements

    • Comic books that explain scientific concepts

    • Visual concepts for businesses and industries

    • Illustrations for marketing materials

    At, we pride ourselves on our access to top-tier designers from around the globe, who bring creativity and skill to each of their projects. We understand that great Art Direction has the power to elevate a client's vision beyond what was believed possible. With concept design at its apex, the possibilities become endless - no matter the scale or scope of your project, our Concept Designers can bring it life! If you are ready to take your project to the next level and make it something memorable, we invite you post your project on today and hire one of our experienced Concept Designers!

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      I'm in need of an innovative and highly skilled jewelry designer to breathe life into a new brand. Your role will involve creating unique and fashionable designs for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets targeted at women. I am looking for a talented jewelry designer that can come up with new designs for a new jewelry brand that will be launching in the middle east. I need the designer to have a sense of creativity and talent in jewelry design. I need along some previous designs that you have worked on. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Your responsibilities will include: - Conceptualize, sketch and create fresh designs for a women's jewelry line - Fine-tune designs according to brand's aesthetics Please note, the style of the designs hasn't been com...

      $881 (Avg Bid)
      $881 Avg Bid
      30 bids

      I'm looking for a creative individual who can help me brainstorm and develop unique, modern and innovative product concepts for Toothbrush holder. This will be a simple creative project where you will be asked to come up with unique and fresh product concept. Ideal Skills: - A strong creative ability - Experience in product development and ideation - Understanding of market and consumer needs This project is open to anyone with a great creative mind and a passion for product development.

      $14 (Avg Bid)
      6 entries

      Hi, I'm in need of an experienced freelancer to create a comprehensive tech pack for my new women's activewear brand launch. Here's what I'm after: - Design sketches: I already have some initial designs I'd like to be finalised into professional sketches. - Measurements and specifications: We need to ensure these activewear pieces will fit our target demographic perfectly, so the measurements and specs need to be on point. - Materials and fabric information: Already have my material choices sorted, so do not require suggestions here. Ideal skills and experience needed would be a background in fashion design, a keen eye for detail and extensive experience creating tech packs for activewear. Please showcase any related past work in your bid.

      $74 (Avg Bid)
      $74 Avg Bid
      17 bids

      I'm seeking a talented artist to help me realize a personal fantasy of figure skating with a partner. While I want the final piece to be done in a realistic style, the pose should embody a soft, flowing aesthetic. This is a project that's close to my heart, so I need someone who can capture not just the technicalities of figure skating, but also the beauty and passion inherent in this sport. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Exceptional drawing skills with an emphasis on realism - Previous experience with sporting illustrations, specifically figure skating if possible - An understanding of dynamic human poses, with a preference for soft, flowing movements - Ability to work from reference photos and/or descriptions to create a realistic figure skating pose In yo...

      $84 (Avg Bid)
      $84 Avg Bid
      58 bids

      As the author of an upcoming lively children's book, I'm looking for a talented digital artist who can create fun, playful, and vibrant cartoon-style illustrations. The project will include the creation of 10 pages featuring a cast of characters, including a person, a frog, a monkey, a bird, and a snail. A successful freelancer for this project should have: - Experience with digital art, specifically in designing cartoon-style illustrations for children's books. - An understanding of how to use bright and vibrant colors to create an engaging, fun and playful atmosphere. - Ability to bring a character to life - from a slithering snail to a bounding monkey. - Good communication skills to understand my vision and translate it into compelling illustrations. Incorporate color,...

      $151 (Avg Bid)
      $151 Avg Bid
      58 bids

      I'm in need of adept freelance illustrators who specialize in cartoon-style illustrations to bring my preschool children's book to life. The narrative centers around whimsical animals journeying on a grand adventure, which should be illustrated in a vibrant, engaging fashion that appeals to children aged 3-5. Key Responsibilities: - Create charming, vivid illustrations in a cartoon-style for this animal-themed children's book - Illustrate both the internal pages and the book cover Required Skills and Experience: - Expertise in cartoon-style illustrations - Previous experience in children's book illustration, especially for the preschool age group - A creative, imaginative approach to capturing the essence of the animal characters and their adventures Please inc...

      $160 (Avg Bid)
      $160 Avg Bid
      82 bids

      I'm looking for an artist to create a humorous and light-hearted caricature of a superhero with traditional attributes like flying and super strength. The style should be cartoon-like, emphasizing the fun side of the superhero world. Ideal Skills And Experience: - Mastery in cartoon-style illustration - Experience in creating caricatures - Understanding of superhero aesthetics, particularly in terms of attributes and abilities - Ability to convey humor and light-heartedness through illustration - Prompt and efficient communication Please provide samples of similar work you've done, if available. I'm excited to see how you can bring this fun superhero to life!

      $88 (Avg Bid)
      $88 Avg Bid
      78 bids

      I'm looking for an animator who can help me bring two original characters to life in a short 2D animation to help me market my new book. Key Requirements: • Develop a short animation clip, with a duration of 10-20 seconds. • The animation style needs to be 2D, so expertise in 2D animation is a must. • I have some vague scenes in mind but happy for freelancers creative liberty. • Copy original characters as seen in picture but design suitable full body and outfit. Ideal Candidate: The ideal freelancer for this project should be skilled in 2D animation (Korean webtoon style), imaginative, creative, and particularly LGBT friendly.

      $634 (Avg Bid)
      $634 Avg Bid
      52 bids

      Description I'm seeking a creative designer to craft a compelling book cover for my non-fiction publication. Genre: Non-Fiction Title - Empower Your Immunity with Ayurveda Sub Title - 9 Essential Ayurvedic Guidelines for a Healthier Life Background Color - Yellow Book Cover : Front & Back Author Name - Dr. Anupma Puri When designing the cover for "Empower Your Immunity with Ayurveda: 9 Essential Ayurvedic Guidelines for a Healthier Life," focus on: Incorporating Ayurvedic symbols or motifs. Using colors that convey health and vitality. Clearly displaying the informative and practical nature of the book. Ensuring the title and subtitle are easy to read and understand. Appealing to those interested in holistic health and Ayurveda. - Imagery: I'm open to suggestio...

      $11 (Avg Bid)
      81 entries

      As a fervent advocate for financial literacy amongst teenagers, I'm creating a board game that centres around the theme of money management, investment strategies and personal finance basics. For this, I need an outstanding cover design that appeals to teenagers and reflects the game's vibrant and educational content. Here's what I'm looking for: - The design should resonate with teenagers - Illustration that encapsulates money management, personal finance, and investment strategies - Convey the goals of the board game, which are learning finance-related skills like budgeting, saving, understanding credit/debt, and risk management. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic Designing - Experience in board game cover design - Illustration skills - Understanding of tee...

      $43 (Avg Bid)
      $43 Avg Bid
      14 bids

      As a mandala artist, I'm looking for a part-time position in the art sector. My preferred medium of expression includes both paint and pen and ink. I need someone to offer me a part-time role in the art sector. I'm a mandala artist and I specialize in working with paint and pen and ink, creating intricate and meaningful designs. I'm seeking an opportunity to apply my skills and passion in a structured, part-time role. Key requirements: - Knowledge and experience in the art sector - Preferably, experience working with mandalas - Ability to offer a part-time position Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in the art industry - Familiarity with mandala art - Offering part-time positions in the art sector. The ideal candidate would be someone who understands and appreci...

      $86 (Avg Bid)
      $86 Avg Bid
      28 bids

      I'm seeking an experienced comic book illustrator, preferably with a background in children's educational content. This versatile project aims to entertain and educate children about essential dental topics. • PRIORITY: You'll create a balanced mix of engaging storytelling and informative content. Humorous scenarios are encouraged to keep things fun and relatable for kids. • SUBJECT MATTER: The comic should cover the following topics: - Oral hygiene tips, - Simplified explanations of common dental procedures, - Recommendations for tooth-friendly foods. • AUDIENCE: Children, our target audience, should find the content accessible and appealing. Thus, the selected freelancer should have a knack for communicating complex information in a simple yet...

      $508 (Avg Bid)
      $508 Avg Bid
      77 bids

      I need an artist to create concept art for my fantasy game in a medieval setting. Here's what I'm looking for: - Character Design: I need new characters matching the existing ones (check attached images). - Environment Design: I require expansion of the existing map to include new areas (check attached images). - Weapons and Equipment: The game needs weapons and equipment that fit the medieval fantasy theme. The ideal candidate should have: - A strong portfolio of prior work in similar fantasy settings. - A good understanding of game development processes. - Experience with character, environment, and prop design. This is an exciting project for someone looking to contribute to the world-building of a fantasy game. Please bid only after reading the description carefully and ...

      $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
      $18 / hr Avg Bid
      22 bids

      I'm looking for professionals who can assist me with multple ideas and options for how to add more space to my home. My major focus is to add an extra living space and office as a second level to my existing home. I need someone with experience in space design and construction. I expect a tasteful blend of architecture and function in the addition, ensuring it complements the existing structure. - Ideal Skills and Experience: - Architectural Design - Building Construction - Interior Design I'm open to creative ideas and innovative designs that will enhance my current area to the fullest. If you have the skill and know-how in this area, I would be glad for your professional input. I am currently in the idea and concept phase at the moment and can provide any photos and dimension...

      $126 (Avg Bid)
      $126 Avg Bid
      35 bids

      I am looking for an artist highly skilled in creating anime-style artwork, particularly in the manga hentai genre. The project involves designing a personalized manga hentai for me and my girlfriend, portraying us as main characters. Here's what I'm looking for: - Art Style: Must be anime-based. Reality can be a bit of a bore— I desire the best blend of realism and whimsy anime can offer. - Manga Setting: It should depict our everyday life scenarios. However, "everyday" doesn't mean "ordinary". The challenge is to portray our lives in a way that's extraordinary yet relatable. - Character Traits: Personality is a huge part of manga, and I want our characters to reflect us accurately. I am a studious, shy individual and I'd like this to be ...

      $126 (Avg Bid)
      $126 Avg Bid
      73 bids

      Hello, I need assistance with the Architectural Design proposal. The proposal involves designing a wellness center. The Deadline is the 19th of July. Sketch up is preferable. Please let me know if you are interested.  Thank you! Ideal skills and expertise: - Architectural design - Knowledge of Healing architecture design - Creativity and conceptual skills.

      $174 (Avg Bid)
      $174 Avg Bid
      64 bids

      I am currently looking for a talented and skilled artist that can create a hand-drawn, exaggerated caricature art piece for an upcoming event promotion. Key tasks and experience required include: - Exceptional skills in hand-drawn caricature art, specifically in the exaggerated style. - Previous experience in art pieces for event promotion, understanding how to make an impactful, playful yet informative illustration. - Ability to capture the essence of our event and translate it into an evocative and engaging caricature. I am expecting an artistically rendered caricature that not only encapsulates the vitality of our event but also engrains it into the minds of the ones who see it. If you have the skills and the imagination to bring this project to life, I would love to hear from y...

      $47 / hr (Avg Bid)
      $47 / hr Avg Bid
      42 bids
      Modern Social Bar Design 1 day left

      I'm looking for an innovative designer to create a modern bar design that encourages socializing. A key feature I'd like to include is the lounge area, for a comfortable setting. - The design should cultivate a social ambiance. - The focus is on modern aesthetics, so experience in contemporary design would be beneficial. - The inclusion of a lounge area is crucial. This should provide a relaxed and inviting space for patrons. The cafe/bar will be located in Sardegna, Italy. Qualities that would make you a great fit for this project: - Experience in bar or commercial interior design. - A thorough understanding of modern design principles. - Elaborate creative ideas to encourage socializing in bar settings. - Ability to design comfortable and attractive lounge areas.

      $130 (Avg Bid)
      $130 Avg Bid
      78 bids

      I'm looking for a talented fashion designer to help create a modern and minimalist men's wear line. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Design Sketches: You will be responsible for creating sketches that bring my vision to life. These sketches should reflect the modern and minimalist aesthetic I have in mind. - Fabric Sourcing: I'm seeking someone who has experience in sourcing fabrics that suit a minimalist look. These fabrics should be of high quality and suited for men's wear. - Production Management: Once the designs and fabrics are approved, I'll need your expertise in managing the production process. This includes overseeing the quality of the items being produced and ensuring deadlines are met. The ideal candidate for this job would have a strong...

      $87 (Avg Bid)
      $87 Avg Bid
      19 bids

      I am looking for a skilled salesperson, ideally with a background in the fashion industry, to sell a high ticket training course aimed at beginner fashion designers. Key Course Details and Benefits: - Crafted by industry professionals: The course is designed and delivered by experienced professionals within the fashion industry. - Practical projects: The course includes hands-on projects aimed at giving students practical experience in fashion design. Course Content: - Fashion sketching - Pattern making - Garment construction Ideal candidate: - Proven track record in sales, preferably high ticket items - Strong understanding of the fashion industry - Experience with LinkedIn as a sales tool - Ability to explain complex concepts in an engaging manner - Previous experience or understan...

      $403 (Avg Bid)
      $403 Avg Bid
      34 bids

      I'm searching for a skilled illustrator to design an engaging cover for my children’s novel Black Casket. The perfect candidate for this project will have the ability to craft an illustrated cover that will captivate our readers' imaginations. Job Requirements: - Strong illustration skills with a knack for capturing the essence of a story in a single image. - Familiarity with the tropes and aesthetics common to young adult fiction. - Ability to engage with the targeted demographic through visual storytelling. Those with experience in creating covers for print and digital books are highly preferred. If you're adept at capturing emotion through illustration and understand the market for young adult fiction, this task could be the perfect fit for you. I'm looking ...

      $331 (Avg Bid)
      $331 Avg Bid
      72 bids

      I'm seeking a talented individual with proficient skills in manga-style anime drawing, specifically influenced by the series; Initial D. This piece will be gifted to a major fan of the series, so an understanding of and consistency with the stylistic elements of Initial D will be crucial. Primary Requirements: - In-depth knowledge and experience in manga-style anime drawing techniques - Familiarity with Initial D series or capacity to study and adapt its drawing style - Ability to meet set deadline, ensuring the drawing will be ready in time for gifting The drawing will be a surprise gift, hence quality and accuracy are of utmost importance. I am looking for an artist who can effectively capture the spirit and style of Initial D in a brilliant, captivating illustration. The drawi...

      $119 (Avg Bid)
      $119 Avg Bid
      39 bids

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