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    I have 2 spreadsheets, one currently in excel and one on google docs. I need to cross reference the 2 and ensure the duplicates from the excel data are removed.

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    We need a data extractor to use a script to get data from 2 websites, and then to delete all duplicates and send us the final result as a CSV file. There are 3 columns of data needed, and approximately 200,000 to 300,000 rows of data.

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    Match 2 columns in excel (partial match - not exact duplicates)

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    ...can't hire other people to fill them for you. *NO Don't get your friends to sign up. *NO Rotating IP addresses. *NO Fake Emails. *NO Fake Names. *NO Fake Phone #. *NO Duplicates sign ups. *NO Fraudulent sign ups. *NO Automated Methods. *NO Cookie Cleaners. *NO Black Hat. *NO Use of proxy servers. *NO Craig list. *NO Auto Bots or Software.

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    We have 12 XLS files and we need duplicates to be removed from them. Must be completed TODAY

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    I have 5 excel sheets that need combined. about 1500 contacts. They need put onto one spreadsheet, organized and duplicates deleted (alot of duplicates exist)

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    ...and C. I need a desktop software to remove duplicate lines. I have scrape product names from a shopping site, but the problem is there is lots of duplicates. The lines does not match fully so I can't remove duplicates easily. I want to enter model names, colors and maybe more matching criteria to remove duplicates. For example, let's say th...

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    ...within those subdirectories need to be crawled for certain information by the crawler. The information gathered needs to be stored in a mysql database on the raspberry pi. duplicates do not concern me as I will work from the freshest set of database entries only. I need to be able to define certain objects to crawl per site (not page), so that I can

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    33 bids it to resemble the file I have included called "sample_contact_data_entry". I have exported all of my contacts from differnet programs so there will be duplicates and I would like the duplicates deleted or consolidated. A big part is extracting the data from "yahoo contacts 500" and "yahoo contacts 500-1000" and getting them into the main contact

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    ...scorecards utilizing Informatica, Excel and other data quality tools Develop "matching" plans, help determine best matching algorithm, configure identity matching and analyze duplicates Build complex profiles and scripts to execute and test mappings and workflows to implement data stewardship and exception processing Build human task workflow scenarios

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    Mailing data lists - Combine seven files adjust for consistent column headers and delete any duplicates, then cross check with a "do not contact list" and delete any matching.

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    crawl jobs and upload in either xml or rss formats, validate duplicates and job expiration, etc. should be light fast and accurate, simple to manage, should run in linux as a from job.

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    Hello, I have an excel xlsx file with data in column A, B and C. I need a desktop software to remove the duplicates in this way. For example, let's say there is 5 of these rows. --- Lenovo Phone A7700 (Black) Lenovo Phone A7700 (Black) New Xiaomi Mi New Mix 2 Refurbished Lenovo Phone A7700 (Black) Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 New Xiaomi Mi Mix

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    ...Common words in the example above include "Street" & "Pizza". The number pf products we have is approx 1800. That number is going up and down daily but there are MANY duplicates. Out of 1800 listings there are probably only 600 different titles you will need to search. If you have experience using USPTO ([login to view URL]) this will greatly

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    32 bids duplicates have to be deleted (based on address or whatever approach you'll decide to use). slight modification is required as well (use of synonyms for the words, addresses (Ave. -> Avenue) for SEO purposes. Simple find & replace. I'm not sure about this part, your recommendations and ideas on this are welcomed. Delivery as an CSV or XML

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    Write program to combine a number of files in a directory into a single file in another directory - after sorting their elements and removing duplicates. Ensure you sample input / ouput files are uploaded with your assignment. Assingment must be called Assigment4-firstname-nnnnn where nnnnnn is your student code. Ensure your code has full name

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    Will have medical and legal files scanned in from a printer which may have duplicates of various records. Script needs to locate and delete the duplicates and then put everything back together in a PDF.

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    ...accordingly to Renders provided. Materials/Standard are preferred. Textures/bumps/displacement/etc maps to be provided and/or created by you. - To make sure there are no duplicates (accidental copy or instance at the same location) - To make sure that no 0mm planes are used for modelling. - No cameras or rendering is needed. - 3D models that you

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    I am compiling a list F&B locations in Singapore and I need data entered from multiple websites, the info that needs to be filled into the csv file is as below. I will provide the links to the websites and on some websites, there are multiple locations to enter. For example, some website links will have top ten restaurants in Singapore all the ten restaurants

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. I need someone to go through a list of Amazon results and write down information about each listing into a s...understand english very well. There are around 2000 listings and there are four bits of information that must be taken from each listing and inserted into the database. No duplicates or mistakes.

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    We have 236 CSV files with the same format. We need someone to compare them to remove duplicate rows, and then send all 236 back in the same order as they were.

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    I am needing customers stripped out of a data set that contains both leads and customers. The excel doc titled "SCHOOLS AND REP LONG LAT needs the duplicates from CUSTOMER [login to view URL] puled out into a separate filter type called "CUSTOMERS".

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    I need you to scr...95a4d008ea70c is the format and type of data I will need within the csv file. I need unique records so delete the duplicates. I want it in 2 days and can give $15 max. Bid only if u are confident in both time and budget Bid with sample of 50 records from each dite as per .csv format to enable me to choose competant person asap

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    I need to show duplicates within multiple linked tables.

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    ...table like that: 1 entity_type varchar(128) 2 bundle varchar(128) 3 deleted tinyint(4) 4 entity_id int(10) 5 revision_id int(10) Entity_id have several duplicates, I want to keep only one, the one with the biggest revision_id The second one: I have 4 tables, each table with a foreign key: Table 1 and Table 2 share a key Table

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    Hi, Need someone to provide a solution to StackOverflow question and not post the answer. [login to view URL] Thanks James

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    hi.. i need an excel function ... i will attach file. i need a function which will go through all data and check for duplicates then it will return one of duplicates... i will explain fully when i attach file

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    Hello, I need this script done immediately. I already have parts of the script complete, I just need someone to finish it for me. Here is what the script does: I enter a list of "lines" (sentences) into a textbox. The script scans the lines, looks for duplicate words THAT I SPECIFY, and then displays only the lines that have duplicate words

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    I have an .xls file with 2 Worksheets. SHEET 1 has 2254 rows so 2254 different products. Each product is identified by a unique product number, called “sku" (Column A). SHEET 2 has 383 rows so has 383 different products. These 383 products (sku’s) are also in SHEET 1 so these 383 products (sku's) need to be deleted/filtered out of SHEET 1, so those 383 sky’s shou...

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    ...(Products+Categories from eshop into CSV/XML) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. I need to scrape/parse PRODUCTS & CATEGORIES from [login to view URL] into CSV/XML file. 2. I'll need to be able to run the import regularly, so I need some kind of "script" (preferably PHP) t...

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    ...Data Scraped from websites into a MS Access VBA Script with Form and CSV Tab Delimited Output file. This project requires you to do the following: • Create a form with the following options: o Add New Sites o Modify Existing Sites o Add New Fields o Modify Existing Fields o Check for Duplicates o Create Output • Tool to scrape different

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    Using Attached Script to populate music database. Script is working but not importing duplicate songs with the same name. Would like script modified to import duplicate songs as well. Ask if questions.

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    to find duplicates numbers in a given array of numbers

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    ...Words counters filters. Keywords filtering. Include filters by source Categories. Regular expressions supported. Custom title with/out counter. Extra filters to check Duplicates with Custom titles. AUTO Tags Feature. Custom fields with dynamic values. Default Featured image. Filter images by width or height. Images renamer. Video transfer

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    Hi I would like to modify my query to let me filter better my results. If In my results I have a person with the same ID and It has 4 applications be able to choose the application with the highest value and/or the latest time.

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    ... Please note: Xero - There are 17 categories here, click in each category, and "sort by most popular" and select the first 5 of each. So 85 here, however some may be duplicates. It is very important to sort by most popular. MYOB Essentials - There are 54 addons here Reckon One - There are only 10 addons here I have provided three examples

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    I have four excel files File 1 has 545k e mail addresses in one column File 2 has 520k e mail addresses one column File 2 has 520k e mail addresses in one column File 3 has 363k e mail addresses in one column File 4 has 397k e mail addresses in one column I need ALL duplicates removing from each file as well as any INVALID e mail addresses

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    Remove duplicates from query results

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    I have four separate excel files in CSV Files have 360k, 390k, 510k & 550k. Each files has one column of e mail addresses. I need the duplicates removed that's all

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    We currently have 5000 listings. Im looking for someone to add Epid to our Ebay listings also find any duplicates that may violate Ebay policy and correct

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    ...have the data normalized and de-duped so the is just one contact per e-mail address. There are 1600 contact that need to be cleaned up (probably closer to 800 to 900 with duplicates). We need the names split into 2 columns, as well as the addresses into first name, last name, Address , Address 2, City State Zip and Country. We need to be sure that

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    I have a quick and simple job for someone who knows Excel =match and =vlookup formula... I know it's that but I just don't know how to do it.... basically I have a list of about 470 people in total and some of these people have not opened up an email i sent them... i only have the ones that opened the list but not the ones that didn't open...

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    ...information/metadata associated with the photo/image file intact during the copy to the new external hard drive  Keep track & display the total number of files copied & number of duplicates identify & modified (optional: maybe write to a log file with the directories where photo/images were found and how many in each folder) Summary: I want to be able

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    I currently have an old list of 7,658 investors scraped from Angellist in Oct 2016. I currently need yo...from Angellist in Oct 2016. I currently need you to scrape any UNIQUE/new investors that I do not currently have on my list of 7.658 investors. Please take out duplicates on a final spreadsheet/csv and tell me how many new investors you've added.

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    Attached are two Excel sheets that will be used for the project. We are looking for a freelancer to com...missing contacts to SHEET - Scholarship Sent Email List. The final product will be one sheet with all of the contacts from both sheets, with no duplicates. Please make sure there are no duplicates on either sheet before starting the project.

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    ...format I need to have desktop script to convert all this files into 1 sql server database . The script MUST remove duplicates the main problem here is the size of data make the computer very slow then hang and get "out of memory" exception i tried to do it myself but i always get these problems i prefer the script to be written using c...

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    Load data from a sqlite database and make it browseable. First Screen offers a list of Manufacturers pulled from the database and filtered for duplicates. Second Screen list the Years that the are applicable to the Manufacturers, which is pulled from the the next column of the database. Third Screen displays a picture (listed in the database)

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    We need program which will delete duplicates in multiple .txt files located in one folder and combine them into one .txt file without duplicates. The program should operate in Windows. All Files together might be more then 500GB size. So we avoid "Out Of Memory" issue. The most important part is the speed of the program. The project is urgent

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    Make a list of the duplicates and separate them from them others

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    Hey Please see the two attached lists below. I would like a 3rd list combining the emails from both lists. All duplicates must be deleted. Any email with the following words in them must be deleted, furnx, r2g, westline, sierra, bfx, natural ideas, gcon, jar, pcf, debetrek,

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