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    Versatile Ajax Developer
    84 Reviews

    Highly experienced and versatile Ajax developer with skills in SQL, Graphic design and software architecture. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all.

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  • flstableflow's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kharkiv (????i?), Ukraine
    17 Reviews

    I have 10+ years of career experience In numerous projects in my career I have performed the following activities: - Installing and configuring CMS and frameworks, architecture design; - Backend logic development and frontend development of cross-browser page templates with dynamic elements using AngularJS,...

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  • HeNet's Profile Picture
    Ajax Specialist
    259 Reviews

    IT specialist with 11 years experience in programming, Ajax, Javascript and Java. Specialist in mobile development, architecture design and C# programming. Recommendable expert.

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  • mukesh3's Profile Picture
    Professional Ajax Developer
    32 Reviews

    7 years development experience and expertise in Web Application, PHP, Javascript and HTML. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all in the field with expertise.

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  • princerae2010's Profile Picture
    Ajax Expert
    55 Reviews

    Backend developer with experience in web and desktop projects involving Ajax, JavaScript, GO and C#. Expert skills in web development with C# using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API.

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  • jvasquezx1's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Porlamar, Venezuela
    18 Reviews

    Desarrollador FrondEnd y Backend utilizando las ultimas tecnologías. Desarrollador de aplicaciones web resposive.

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Finding AJAX Developers on Freelancer

AJAX is a highly complex technique that web applications use to send and receive data without affecting the other contents of the page or without reloading the page. Its full form is Asynchronous Javascript and XML.

AJAX is widely used by certain types of websites because of the many advantages it offers such as:

Allowing your readers to access the data they need quickly without reloading the entire page, which is an unnecessary waste of time.

Reducing the load on the server and saves bandwidth.

Making your site more user-friendly. For example, the live feeds and auto new comment display on Facebook are possible because of AJAX and there’s no denying that these things improve reader experience.

Making your site super cool, especially if you are running a chatting website. With AJAX, users do not have to keep reloading the page while they are chatting. Without this application, users will have to keep reloading the page every few minutes.

Assisting readers filter the search results by category, popularity, date and other factors, thereby providing much faster results and a far more enhanced user experience.  

When a user submits a rating for one of your products or participates in a survey on your site, the voting and display results can be done by using AJAX so the site does not have to be repeatedly refreshed.

Google Maps, FaceBook, YouTube and Gmail, all use AJAX because of the many functionalities that it offers.

There are several reasons why you may want to install AJAX on your site but unless you have the necessary knowhow, it is best not to try this yourself. This is a very specialized web application that does not lend itself well to trial and error.

If you are looking to get AJAX installed you must hire somebody who is an expert in this field. The best place to find such a professional is on a freelancer platform such as Freelancer.com.

Freelancer.com is a hugely popular freelancing platform. Here you will find some of the most skilled AJAX professionals from all over the world. What’s more, they would be happy to help you out at very reasonable rates.

The process is pretty straightforward. You have first to register and create an account on the site. Once you have done that, you can then post your project. Make sure you give as many details as possible about your requirements to attract the most suitable bids.

You can then go through the bids and select the freelancer who you think is most suited for your job and who is prepared to complete the job within the time frame and budget that works for you.

Are you looking for an AJAX expert to give your website the extra functionality that it needs? Go on over to Freelancer.com and post your project today.