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Hiring front end software developers

You need to ensure your front end developer is qualified to complete your project. We show you how to hire the perfect expert in the shortest time.
May 1, 2020 • 5 minute read
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Need to hire a front end developer? Read this first

Front end web development, also known as client-side development, is the act of creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a site or web application so a client can see and communicate with them straightforwardly.
A front end developer ensures visitors see and interact with all web elements as expected. 
Maintaining aesthetic and functional consistency across different display resolutions and different platforms, makes front end development very challenging. 

Importance of a front end developer to your business

If your website's functionality is limited on certain platforms, you could be missing out on a tonne of conversions. Also, a front end developer will guarantee that your site functions as expected across different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This process requires highly specialized coding skills and knowledge of all platform and browser requirements. These skills are vastly outside the scope of graphic designers.
It's an  amazing experience when you open a mobile application or website, and you experience the magical skills a front end developer applied to make it happen. 
Visitors will always notice and appreciate the fluid functions and aesthetic appeal of a website  touched by a front end developer. A front end developer will set you far apart from your competitors using simplistic drag and drop web builders.

Examples of front end developer work

Front end developers usually code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and sometimes Python. The websites coded in such languages run on internet browsers, headless browsers and webviews.

Web Browsers (most common) 

It is commonplace to find a browser running on a laptop, smartphones, desktop computers, or even tablets. With recent advancements, a browser can also be run almost in almost any digital device, including motor vehicles, kitchen appliances such as fridges, etc. 
Below is a list of the most commonly used web browsers: 
• Chrome 
• Safari 
• Internet Explorer (Note: not Edge, alluding to IE 9 to IE 11) 
• Firefox 
• Edge 

Headless Browsers 

Headless browsers do not consist of a graphical interface because they are not designed to be displayed to humans. These browsers are usually used to communicate website data to other programs for testing purposes. 
The most widely recognized headless browsers are: 
Headless Chromium 


Webviews are used to run web pages by the native OS in a local application. They are frameworks that allow front end developers to create web applications for different platforms using a single codebase. 
Here are some examples of webview frameworks:
• Cordova (usually for local telephone/tablet applications) 
• NW.js (best for work desktop apps) 
• Electron (also good for desktop apps) 
Front end developers can also now develop apps across different platforms using a single development code base. Here are some examples:
• Flutter 
• React Native 

How to effectively write a project description for a front end dev project

You’ll want to find the developer that fits the specific needs of your project.  Take the time to write an accurate and detailed job description. This will ensure your time spent sourcing a developer is most efficient.
Here are some important details you should include in your front end developer project descriptions:
Detailed Overview– Describe the project objectives with as much helpful information as you can.  This doesn’t have to be long and wordy, but just make sure you use specific terms and phrases that highlight the main goals.
Size and Scope -  Try to give a sense of how much time you expect to put into this developmental phase.
Technology – If you’ve already started using certain technologies in the development of your project, mention them here.
Budget – It’s important to state a realistic budget parameter from the outset of the project.
A job post with all of the above details will help you find the perfect front end developer quickly, 

Key skills to look for in a front end developer

When considering a prospective front end developer, it is important to make sure they possess the necessary skills to successfully complete your project. Here are some of the basic skills that all front end developers should have:
HTML (basic to advanced)
Knowledge of a browser development
Beyond these, there is a long list of skills that identify a highly capable front end developer, they are as follows:
Content Management Systems (aka CMS)
Cross-Browser Testing
Unit Testing
Accessibility / WAI-ARIA
Interaction or User Interface Design
User Experience
E-commerce Systems
Performance Testing
Mobile Web Performance
CSS Layout / Grids
Load Testing
DOM Manipulation (e.g., jQuery)
Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation
Version Control (e.g., GIT) 
Functional Programming
Data Formats (e.g., JSON, XML)
Scalable Vector Graphics (aka SVG)
Web Font Embedding
Content Strategy
Regular Expressions
Task Runners, Build Tools, Process Automation Tools
Data APIs (e.g Restful API)
Microdata / Microformats
Responsive Web Design
Application Architecture
Object-Oriented Programming
Package Managers
JavaScript Animation
Dependency Managers

How to hire a front end developer 

There are 3 main options for hiring a front end developer, hiring in-house, hiring via an agency and hiring a freelancer. 
Here is a breakdown of the pricing comparison of each option.
As you can see, hiring a front end freelance web developer is by far the cheapest option. 
Here are some other benefits to hiring a front end freelance web developer.

Employee feedback 

You can read the reviews of previous employers on each freelancer's profile, so you can be confident that you are hiring the most trustworthy and skillful front end developer for your project 

Flexible calendar

Freelancer's are flexible and available to work anytime on your project. If you work with a front end developer in a different time zone, their work day will finish as yours commences so you'll be able to review completed work as soon as you commence your day. 

Payment security

With freelancer platforms you have the piece of mind of secure money transfer. So there is no need to worry about the authenticity of invoices and paypal links. With all payments are also held securely in escrow and only released to the freelancer after delivery is confirmed. So you also have the piece of mind of knowing your front end developer won't run off with your money, they won't have access to any of it if they do not deliver satisfactory work. 

Final thoughts

Without a front end developer you will have no way of knowing whether your website is functioning correctly across all platforms and, as a result, whether or not you're missing out on conversion. 
Ensure your website project earns you the highest ROI by hiring a freelance front end developer today!
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