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120 stunning color combination ideas

We take you through the basics of combining colors and offer 120 stunning color combinations inspired by nature, wildlife, food & drink, and travel.
Mar 31, 2021 • 28 minute read
Updated on Jun 18, 2021 by Brad B.
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Choosing the right color combination is important, because you don’t want to set the wrong mood and you certainly don’t want a color combination that is off-putting or confusing to the eye.
We briefly explain the science behind choosing the right mix of colors, and then give you 120 beautiful color combinations including:
Light color combinations
Dark color combinations
Rich color combinations
Bright color combinations
... and so much more. Let's jump right in!


The science of combining colors

Believe it or not, there’s a science to creating good color combinations and it’s actually not complicated to grasp. All you need is the color wheel, and an understanding of five different combination styles that each has its own place in your bag of tricks.

Complementary color combination

Complementary refers to a two-color combination design where the colors are opposite from each other on the color wheel. The two colors complement each other through their contrast, which allows each color to stand out.  
complementary color combination

Monochromatic color combination

Monochromatic refers to a combination of different shades, tones and tints of the same color, by adding black, white or grey to the original color. A monochromatic color combination is traditional and subtle.
monochromatic color combination

Triadic color combination

Triadic colors refers to a 3-color combination that forms a perfect triangle on the color wheel. There’s not as much contrast as there is with complementary colors, but there’s enough to let each color do its thing.
triadic color combination

Analogous color combination

Analogous is another 3-color combination, this time colors that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. With this color combination, it’s best to make one color dominant and use the others as accents.
analogous color combination

Tetradic color combination

Tetradic refers to a 4-color combination where the colors are placed in a perfect square around the color wheel (essentially two pairs of complementary colors). To achieve balance with so many colors, it’s best to keep one color dominant and use the rest as accents.
tetradic color combination

Color combination based on nature

Sometimes nature knows best. If you find a good color combination that appears somewhere in nature, chances are it’s a winning combination, as you can see from the examples in many of the examples that follow.


Nature and Wildlife Inspirations

1.  Sunset Glow

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 1Shutterstock/Mark Harpur
It’s hard to beat the spectacular color palette that a sunset creates. In this color palette, the fiery orange of the sun setting on a beach in Mexico adds a stunning contrast to the subdued purple of the sky and reflection on the sea. It’s a good color combination to use when you want to add vibrance to your designs.  


2. Purple Skies

dark and light sultry color combination - starsShutterstock/Vincentiu Solomon
This is the perfect dark and light color combination. The eye-catching image was taken in Cima d’Asta in Scurelle, Italy and features a range of purple tones and black edges, creating a subdued and sultry tone. The defined white streak of the shooting star adds a contrast to the softness of the colors in this palette, a perfect sultry combination.


3.  Restrained & Cool

dark and light color combination - mountainsUnsplash/Jeff King
Another dark and light color combination, this collection of dark ash grays and grayish blues creates a color palette that is restrained and cool. The darkness of this scene in Kula, United States is relieved by the shades of red in the centre, the touch of green in the foreground and the blue sky in the background. This color combination is perfect for a somber design theme.


4. Pebbled Grays

 120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 4Unsplash/Jeremy Cai
The pebbles strewn across in various shades of gray, brown and black create a rough yet restrained texture in the foreground while the foamy water in the background adds a soft contrast to the scene. This beautiful color combination is versatile and can be applied for a wide range of projects, ideal for website design.

5. Flaming & Fiery

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 5Unsplash/dade72
The white hot rays of the sun highlight the flaming and fiery sand colors in Monument Valley. The golden sand shimmers in the blazing sunlight while the few stone sculptures provide some relief to the otherwise stark landscape. This good color combination is ideal for bold and warm designs.

6. Cool River Blues 

cool color combination - riverUnsplash/Leo Rivos-Micoud
This color combination pictured in Tsunan, Japan, is a classic example of a monochromatic color scheme. Every element, from the flowing and swirling waters to the rocks in the background feature different shades, tones and tints of aqua blue. It’s the perfect color scheme to use when you’re after a cool color combination.

7. Moss Watery Greens

 120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 7Flickr/Moyann Brenn
The color combination featured in the little waterfall of Cascate Del Monte Gelato in Italy, perfectly encapsulates the dramatic contrasts found in nature. The varying shades of green, from mossy green to dark bottle green add a certain coolness to the brilliant blue shades and the subdued patch of brown. This beautiful color combination is perfect for any daring and bold project.

8. Earthly & Natural

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 8Flickr/Moyann Brenn
The contrasting interplay between the brown rocks and green trees makes for a stunning natural scene in Bryce Canyon in Utah. In a brown and green color scheme, this color scheme is both natural and earthly. This color combination makes for a warm palette in any design.

9.  Bold & Strong

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 9
Flickr/Paul Bica
The use of primary colors in this shot of Napali, Hawaii, gives the image a bold and strong appearance. Applying the primary colors of red, blue, yellow and green adds for a unique touch to your designs. The primary color wheel is often used in business branding for a reason – they are often perceived by consumers as representing confidence and trust.  

10.  Bright & Fresh

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 10Flickr/Mirai Takahashi
A row of pretty dark pink flowers atop long light green stalks is reminiscent of the new beginnings that spring brings. The color combination is feminine yet bold. Taken in Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan, this image features the perfect color combination for a fresh and bright color combination.

11. Floating Ice

cool color combination - iceShutterstock/Shaiith
Varying shades of cool, glacial blues dominate this shot of stunning icebergs floating on the lake in Iceland. With this choice of colors, nobody can mistake the message you are trying to convey in the shot. Use this monochromatic color scheme when you want to express visions of minimalism, peace, serenity or icy coolness.

12. Vivid Sunlight

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 16Shutterstock/Creative Travel Projects
This combination of vivid colors breaks the all-white that typically dominates winter scenes. The dark, dramatic oranges and yellows of the sun set in the background give this winter scene in Ukraine a fantastic energy and vitality, perfect for any bright project.

13. Spring Blooming

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17Shutterstock/Andrew Mayovskyy
The carpet of pink blooming rhododendron flowers adds a bright, colorful touch to an otherwise subdued background in the Carpathians. It’s a perfect palette of colors when you want to illustrate ‘the calm after the storm’ for a light design feel.

14. Frosty Winter

magical color combination - winterShutterstock/elen_studio
The sparkly white of this frosty winter scene adds a cool touch to the image.  As it is, the choice of colors and effects in this winter scenery in a city park adds the perfect magical touch to any of your projects.

15. Autumn Glow

light color combination - autumnShutterstock/Sunny Forest
Nothing says autumn better than golden and rust colored leaves. The light color combination that makes up this autumn landscape has almost every color of the season - rust, gold, brown, green and yellow. Choose from these colors for your next project for bright color combinations.

16. Coral Tones 

rich color combination - oceanShutterstock/Brian Kinney
Shot in the Red Sea in Egypt, a medley of vibrant colors brings this underwater scene to life beautifully. The deep, rich blue waters in the background act as a beautiful foil to the range of bright colors in the foreground. This rich color combination is perfect for any creative project.

17. Oak & Ash 

color combination - fallen leavesShutterstock/let ideas compete
Even a pile of fallen leaves can make for a great color combination. Fallen leaves in a range of browns interspersed within oranges, greens, reds and yellows makes for a shot that is rustic and colorful. Give your rustic projects a touch of color with this gorgeous palette.

18. Peachy Roses

fresh color combination - roses
Looking for an impactful color palette? This color combination features a bright mix of greens and warm reds, providing a great energy to your project. The playoff is perfect for a fresh touch to any design that is natural and bright.

19. Pretty & Pink

light color combination - pink flowersUnsplash/Mona Eandra
Are you looking to add a feminine touch to your designs? A bunch of flowers colored in various shades of pink is unmistakably feminine. A light color combination of various pink shades will help you add a bright touch to your designs.

20. Shades of Green

green color combination - leavesFlickr/Reflected Serendipity
The different shades of green found in this plant in Oasis, Sussex adds a refreshing and calming touch to any project. This fresh foundation is a great color combination for any bright and clean design.  

21. Subdued & Subtle

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 10Flickr/Juan Rabiano
The foaming waterfall creates a starkly dramatic contrast to an otherwise subdued and subtle scene. The Autumn season is evident in this color combination with shades of brown, orange and yellow.

22. Shades of Blue

cool color combination - blue flowersShutterstock/Annmarie
The medley of light blue petals with their strong blue outline gives the shot a look that is cool and prominent. This dark and light color combination is perfect for a design project in which you want to make a strong impact.

23. Vibrant & Fresh

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 12Shutterstock/allstars
A bouquet of tulips features a color palette with a variety of vibrant yellows, purples, reds and greens. If you want to achieve a look of summer freshness in your next project, choose any combination of colors from this palette or use them all!

24. Sunny Yellow

light color combination - flowers
Flickr/Sara McLeod
These flowers feature multiple shades of yellow that add a sunny and bright feel to any design. Use this light color combination to add a burst of energy to your project. You may choose to combine it with the darker yellow and orange tones to add contrast to your designs.

25. Forest Greens

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 14Shutterstock/Ruslan Ivantsov 
Looking for colors that will help emphasize your environmentally friendly mission? A color palette consisting of leafy greens and woody browns will help you achieve this vision. Include only dark greens and browns if you are going for a subdued look. Add a touch of lime green to the design if you want to brighten things up a notch.  


26. Fiery Oranges

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 15Flickr/albadros1
This spectacular color combination of bright yellows and fiery oranges reflects the colors of the sun setting on a bright and cloudless day. Use this color combination for your design projects if you want to add an energetic and bold touch.  

27. Spring Pastels 

light color combination - pastelsShutterstock/Anna-Mari West
The bouquet of spring tulips in pastel shades depicts grace and femininity. The vintage vase and background in different shades of light blue adds to the pastel palette. Choose this light color combination if you want your design project to evoke a sense of femininity and grace.

28. Bold Purples

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17Shutterstock/Roxana Bashyrova
Crisp purple hues compliment each other beautifully in this superb monochromatic image of spring lilac violet flowers. The lighter shades of purple act as a perfect counterfoil that highlight and accent the deeper, darker violet tones.  

29. Tropical

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 18Shutterstock/Fotozotti
Tropical colors are showcased beautifully in this colorful wedding bouquet of summer flowers. The combination of oranges, pinks and greens is unmistakably tropical and the wooden container gives the entire scene a look that is rustic and colorful.

30. Pink Blossom

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 19Shutterstock/iravgustin
Pink blossoms herald the beginning of spring. Applying this color palette to your designs is a great way to add softer shades of pink that suggest femininity. Browns sprinkled within the sea of pink blossom will give more character and depth to an otherwise all-pink scheme that can be overpowering.

31. Asian Inspiration 

dark color combination - rocksShutterstock/Evgeny Atamanenko
A black ground interspersed with scarlet creates a vivid two-toned dark color combination that is stark and stunning. This is the perfect color combination for your branding needs and adds a dramatic contrast that is sure to get any customers attention.

32. Shell Shades

bright color combination - shellsShutterstock/Olleg
Are you looking for a bright color combination? The soft off-whites, pinks, beiges and purple colors of these shells are versatile and can be used for a light and soft touch to your design projects.

33. Mother of Pearl

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 22Shutterstock/Lost Mountain Studio
The shimmering peach and light green pearls on a mother of pearl shell is an opulent choice of colors. Use this color scheme for a design that suggests elegance, sophistication and luxury - a magical touch for any project.

34. Blossom

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 23Shutterstock/pavelgr 
This all-pastel color scheme is soft and gentle. Pastel shades work wonderfully for designs that aim  for a refreshing touch. This color combination is perfect for invitations to special events and baby showers.

35. Mushroom Browns

earthy color combination - mushroomsShutterstock/bikeriderlondon
Are you looking to add an organic touch to your designs? Earthy browns and greens can be a great way to bring out natural color combinations in your project. Add a darker color for contrast to make your color palette pop from the page.

36. Dandelion

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 25Shutterstock/Brian A Jackson
Are you looking for a dark color palette for your next design? This color combination adds a darker touch to any project. The combination of browns, greys and blacks can be a great dynamic to your website, blog or business card design.

37. Classic Color Wheel 

rich color combination - feathersShutterstock/Super Prin
The combination of deep, rich blues complemented by vibrant yellows, fiery red and specks of green creates a rich color palette that exudes happiness, energy and exuberance. This  rich color combination is a great choice for your branding and design needs.

38. Leopard Print

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 27Shutterstock/Ondrej Prosicky
The leopard-like combination of the orange, yellow and black colors are commonly seen in fashion for color schemes such as that of shoes. However, Leopard prints are also extremely eye-catching on their own and this color combination can be used for other purposes such as to complement a rainforest conservation site or perhaps a logo for a zoo program.

39. Butterfly Tones

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 28Unsplash/Boris Smokrovic
The exotic colorations of the butterfly with its varying shades of yellow, from a soft to a bright tinge contrasts effectively with the pale, blue from the opposite end of the color circle. This is a wonderful color palette to use for an outdoor scenery to add a gentle tone of happiness.  

40. Lime Greens

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 29Flickr/Rushen
The vivid green of the frog is almost the same color of the leaf that it has settled upon. The difference between the two is the contract in the slight change in shade that affects the textures. This is a perfect example of how to use textures to create drama in a scene composed of one color scheme. 

41. Light & Airy 

light color combination - hamsterFlickr/Ricky Kharawala
What do you imagine when you think pink, airy and light brown? I can imagine a nice warm cappuccino sitting right in front of me. The light brown froth, the little white, pinkish heart shape, smoothly integrated into image creates a soft sweetness.

42. Cool Tones

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 1Unsplash/Steven Diaz
The medley of cool tones with the smoky grey veil gives the shot a sense of peace and serenity. The soft brown, seen in the monkeys, adds little blobs of color to an otherwise monochromatic color scheme. It’s a great choice of colors when you want to depict quiet solitude or even mystery.

43. Starlight

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 2Flickr/Jonatan Pie
Purple and white is a match made up in heaven. More specifically up far out in space. With the black from the arctic fox's eyes you got the darkness of space, the purple is one of the many colors you see in nebulas and the white is the speckles of stars. It's a perfect palette for a lovely composition of space!


44. Crisp & Fresh

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 3Unsplash/Boris Smokrovic
This is an absolutely gorgeous and versatile combination of colors. The brilliant orange dominates the shot and is highlighted by shimmering green and the kingfisher’s long brown beak. This combination works well together and creates a crisp and clear finish to the imagery.

45.  Golden Locks

peaceful color combination - dogFlickr/Caleb Fisher
The golden browns of this color scheme creates a lovely sense of peace and serenity to the imagery. The varying shades starting at a soft pink tone to the darker brown shadow creates charm without unnecessary contrast and color domination.  

46.  Monkey Business

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 5Unsplash/Quentin DrIndonesia
The muted color scheme of this palette conveys a sense of quiet serenity. The ash gray dominates this combination with the brown tinge adding unexpected highlights. Complementary shades of gray and brown help enhance any imagery beautifully.

47.  Cozy Warm Tones

 120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 6Unsplash/Pedro LastraMiami
The medley of browns is deftly accented with the soft purple, which adds a touch of flavour and royalty to this palette. These pastel colors complement a range of other colors as seen in the addition of the yellows and whites of the flower in this image.

48. Basics

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 7Flickr/Andy Chilton
The range of grey is accentuated by the soft yellow, which adds a touch of pure happiness. The gray helps to highlight the freshness of the yellow, as seen in this image. This is a great color combination to show freshness, purity and simplicity.

49. Warm & Natural

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 8
Flickr/Phil Long
Who says brown is boring? Far from it. The rich, dark, chocolatey background forms the perfect foil that highlights the light browns of this palette, demonstrated in the rabbit. This color scheme is rich, warm and comforting and perfect for both a warm nature based scene or on the other side a welcoming cafeteria.

50. Aqua Greens

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 9Flickr/Jeremy Bishop
It’s hard to imagine another shot that so aptly illustrates a beautiful range of aqua greens. The green progresses from a light, shimmering aqua shade to a deeper, darker shade of green. Right in the middle the scene is an olive green turtle that floats along playfully adding a spark of color. This color scheme makes for a beautiful color combination to depict marine or acqua settings.  

51. Tropical  

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 10Flickr/Pineapples
This combination of neutral colors is versatile enough to be used in several different design projects. Choose one or two colors from this palette to create the main background and add accents using the other colors to create a look that is sophisticated yet comfortable.

52. Comfy

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 11Unsplash/Matthew Wiebe
Monochrome? Yes. Boring? No way. This is a brilliant example of how to use tints and shades in your work. This image is composed exclusively of browns but in shades that range from tan and chocolate brown to light beige and neutral white. This variety of the brown shifts your thinking from "why is there so much brown" to "wow all those browns look lovely". Plus you can't ignore the adorable puppy.

53. Organic & Neutral 

neutral color combination - birdFlickr/Victor Jakovek
The color palette used in this shot  is perfect for use in any design project that involves birds of prey, wildlife, nature or the desert. The orangey-brown, ash gray and opaque green coloration contrasted effectively with black works well to create a fantastic background for projects based on a nature theme.

54. Chocolate Browns 

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 13
Flickr/Julia Janeta
Looking for a neutral color scheme that you can use in multiple projects? Check out the range of browns and blacks used in this shot. The earthy overtones of this combination, complement each other and add a warm tone to the image.

55. Sober Tones 

warm and cool color combination - seagullUnsplash/Tarpit Grover
This color scheme, represented by the lone seagull, creates a sense of subdued drama with the strong contrast between the black and yellow tones. The colors add emphasis to the image, and like we see in this picture, add a warm tone to the cool colors of the ocean.

56. Trinidad & Tobago

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 15Unsplash/Pedro Lastra San Fernando
The shimmering greens and blues are colors that any fashion designer would go gaga over. The bright, sparkly blue and green are underscored by a deep, shimmery purple that complement each other effortlessly. These colors come together to create the ideal combination for a loud, shimmery and individualistic style.

Food & Drink Inspirations

57. Exotic Coconut

exotic color combination - pina coladaFlickr/Shaiith
Nothing says tropical fun better than this color combination, and a pina colada with mint served in a fresh coconut. The yellow pineapple wedge adds the perfect finishing touch and pop of color to this fun combination. If you’re looking for earthy tropical colors this color scheme has the perfect colors for your design - brown, white , green and pineapple yellow.

58. Yellows

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17Flickr/Michael Stern
A cheese tray provides the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to use a palette of yellows in their next design project. The combination of bright and light yellows gives any scene a delightfully refreshing and happy look.

59. Submerged Citrus

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 18Flickr/Michael Stern
This medley of vivid reds and oranges is the perfect combination for a Citrus Sensations. The solid light-colored blue adds a soft tone to the combined colors without conflicting or detracting from the other bright colors. The sharp reds in this palette provides the right degree of contrast with the white rind and yellow peel.  

60. Summer Tones

warm color combination - summerFlickr/Michael Stern
This tropical color combination evokes a warm summer vibe. The soft shades of this normally bright color combination effectively complement each other and add impact to the palette. Like you can see in this picture, the addition of the foam color and the gleam that covers all the elements of the image makes it look unmistakably refreshing.

61. Macaroon Pastels 

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 20Flickr/Michael Stern
This color scheme uses both contrasting and complementing colors to create an inviting and delicious combination. With a color scheme as varied as this, you can be sure there will be something for everyone. This is a perfect color palette for a pastry or ice-cream outlet.

62. Fruity

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 1Flickr/Michael Stern
This color scheme is ideal to add a fresh and fruity tinge to your work. The apricot and bottle shade is offset by the shades of green and will give your shot a sense of vitality and lusciousness tinged with freshness.  

63. Ice-Cream Browns

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 2Flickr/Michael Stern
This monochromatic combination of warm brown tones is excellent for themes related to the rich decadence of cocoa, coffee and chocolate. The range of brown shades from a lighter tone to a darker one adds warm variation. You can use this color palette freely without worrying about overkill. Just like coffee and chocolate, you can never get enough of it.

64. Strawberry Sensation

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 3Flickr/Michael Stern
This color palette, with so many vibrant reds interspersed with dark purples and a soft browny-orange, represents sweet indulgence. This is a gorgeous color combination for a pastry chef or any little girl who's not into the stereotypical "girly pink". The color of the cake and the dark blackberry offset that red richness to ensure that it isn't overpowering.

65. Blueberries

balanced color combination - blueberriesFlickr/Michael Stern
From dark midnight blue to lighter indigo ink and even lighter periwinkle, a snap shot featuring only blueberries demonstrates a gorgeous medley of blues. With the addition of a sprig of green leaves and a hint of brown in the shot, the blue is balanced out but maintains its spectacularity.   

66. Cherry Reds

cherry color combination - bowl of cherriesFlickr/Michael Stern
This cherry color combination is ideal for a representation of modern Christmas colors. As you can see in this image, the combination of deep red cherries with their green stalks nestled in a soft green bowl creates a well complemented blend. You can use just these three colors in various combinations to create an endless array of fabulous Christmas scenes.

67. Frosted

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 6Flickr/Michael Stern
From the deep dark brown of the chocolate to the rich red of the strawberries to the gentle cream colored sugar dusted upon the dessert, there is nothing about this image that isn't inviting. All the warm rich colors complement each other and just make me want to tuck in. Who can say no to chocolate and strawberry?

68. Fiesta

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 7Flickr/Michael Stern
This refreshing color palette includes a wide range of colors that complement each other beautifully. An abundance of light brown with dollops of red, light green, dark green and yellow sits atop a clear glass plate of soft grey that supports the medley of colors without overshadowing them.

69. Summer Vibes 

youthful color combination - ice creamFlickr/Michael Stern
The combination of varied shades of red and white make this a welcome sight that is reminiscent of summer. Use this color palette with restraint to add a burst of fresh color to your summer event posters or to give your scene a fresh and youthful look.

70.  Glazed

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 9Flickr/Michael Stern
The rich luscious decadence of this shot is unmistakable and effectively enhanced by this color palette. The shades of red dominate the scene from the fillings to the outside of the tart but it stops short of being overpowering. This is the perfect color combination to use for a pastry shop project or for a design that depicts passion and lust.

71. Painted

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 10Flickr/Michael Stern
From luscious reds and juicy greens to fresh yellows and refreshing oranges, this color palette evokes bright and lively imagery. You can use any of these colors in any combination to create scenes that depict health, vitality, nutrition and overall fitness.

72. Warm Amber

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 11Flickr/Michael Stern
This is yet another excellent example of a monochromatic color palette that is breathtaking in its simplicity. A light toffee colored center is flanked by richer shades of the same color and accented by both, a darker shade of amber as well as a lighter shade that is almost white with tints of toffee. It’s a refreshing, neutral palette that is versatile for many purposes.

73. Fluro

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 12Flickr/Michael Stern
This happy color palette is an epitome of fun and gaiety. There’s nothing somber, sedate or serious about this combination. Are you looking to design a summer party invitation or a child’s birthday party invite? Let the fun begin with invites in this bright-colored palette.

74. Jazzy & Jeweled

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 13Flickr/Michael Stern
Red tends to be a very dominating color especially since it can be such a warm color. This image clearly demonstrates how even a slight contrast in the colors in a composition can provide it with a much needed relief. This is clearly shown in this image as the mint green leaves and soft silver stand out against the red.

75. Splashy

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 14Flickr/Michael Stern
Different shades of brown dominate this scene, which act as a perfect enhancement for the bright purple and pink or the flower and pipe. The bright colors provided by the purple straws add a splash of pink petals in the foreground add colorful relief to the palette and bring life and fun to the combination.

76.  Tinted

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 15Flickr/Michael Stern
This punch of orange is just what you need to bring a bland, boring scene to life. Orange radiates warmth and happiness and if you are looking to add excitement to a monotonous gray, brown, green or blue shot that needs a little something extra, a splash of orange will make a difference.  

77. Washed Out

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 16Flickr/Michael Stern
Ripples and swirls of raspberry red add delicate tints of color in this beautiful image. It’s a color combination that’s made in heaven for a wide range of design projects especially those that are aimed towards a more feminine audience. It’s a color scheme that’s cozy, comfortable, rich and delicious all at the same time.

78. Vibrant & Summery

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17Flickr/Michael Stern
This shot is an epitome of rustic Italian cuisine. The dark contrast acts as the perfect rustic counterfoil to the cheerful, bright yellows, reds, greens, purples and whites. Choose from this color palette for your next cooking project and add colorful life to the food depictions. 

79. Faded Tones

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 18Flickr/Michael Stern
The color scheme in this shot is distinctly mediterranean, with its combination of olive green, the darker green of the thyme leaves the milky creaminess of goat cheese served on a pink platter. These soft colors of pink and green are found on opposite ends of the color wheel, but their gentle tones work well together.  

80. Splashy

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 19Flickr/Michael Stern
A tray filled with berries atop a base of sliced citrus fruits creates a colorful palette of bold colors that can be used to liven up any design. Despite the contrasting hues they all work together beautifully. Use them all together or just pick a couple of colors to infuse your next project with a touch of brightness.  

81. Sombre  

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 20Flickr/Michael Stern
A color palette of chocolate browns and white oozes decadence evoke comfort and luxury in equal measure. This combination of colors can be used to depict all of the above features. The neutral color scheme allows these colors to be used by themselves and also to be added to any other color scheme. The lighter colors of this palette tone down the overall effect whereas the darker shades add distinct drama and highlights.

82. Cherry Combination 

cherry color combination - ice creamShutterstock/Yulia Gorodetskaya
The cherry red, seen in this image, adds loads of color and drama to an otherwise cool shot of peach ice cream. This cherry color combination is the perfect example of how to use only a dash of deep dark colors to accent your design beautifully without overpowering it or hogging the attention.  

83. Coffee

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 2Flickr/Michael Stern
This neutral palette of colors, ranging from white and light grey to deeper and darker browns, is super versatile. It can be used for a wide range of design projects, from those that focus on cool compositions to those that focus on warmer, rich, foamy cappuccinos. 

84. Flaming Reds

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 3Flickr/Michael Stern
This predominantly red based color palette uses a softly contrasting creamy-brown color to add another dimension to the composition. The overpowering reds makes this color palette ideal for images evoking lust and passion and will add power and energy to any project.

85. Fresh Watermelon

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 4Flickr/Michael Stern
When you think of the combination of red, green and white, you can’t help but imagine scenes at Christmas time. But red, green and white - the traditional colors of Christmas can also be used to convey the luscious refreshment that a slice of watermelon provides and add summery feels to the image.   

Travel Inspirations

86. Outdoor Relaxation

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 5Flickr/Michael Stern
This color palette presents perfect colors to complement a beach scene. The cool color palette of this image with its soft greens and gentle greys work together in harmony and can be applied to almost any calm composition.

87. A Rio Touch

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 6Flickr/Roderick Eime
The imposing Christ the Redeemer statue stands tall in the foreground and dominates the scene that is otherwise composed of a variety of vintage blues, greens and browns. The light green stands in stark contrast to the muted colors of the background. This is a great color scheme for a vintage scene.  

88. Violets

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 7Copyright/Ronnybas
The soft purples, the complementing blue and the contrasting black creates a mystical combination of colors. The view of this charming town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento Italy uses the colors of this palette to add a magical tone to the buildings located on the hill.

89. Retro Style

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 8Shutterstock/Michal Bednarek
Red is one of those colors that can brighten up the dullest of compositions as it has done in this color palette. The blur of the red buses, seen in this image,  adds a vivid punch of color to the vintage, retro style scene composed of browns, grays and blues.

90. Neutrals in Italy

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 9Copyright/Prochasson Frederic
This color palette depicts a warm, stone influenced imagery, typical of a vintage European landmark seen in the above shot. The addition of green provides colorful relief to the range of browns and greys of this palette and scene in the shot of the colosseum.

91. Harmonious Tones

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 10Shutterstock/Krunja
This heavily warm color palette, successfully depicted in the The Marble Temple of Bangkok in this image, is ideal for summery and tropical tones. This palette can be effectively contrasted with cool blues and provide relief to the image.

92. Canal in Venice

romantic color combination - veniceShutterstock/g215
This color palette complements the romantic scene of the canal in Venice. The combination of water based colors with the contrasting cream and black, creates cool tones. In the image, these colors create a gentle flow in the water with the seemingly slow movement of the gondola and effectively complement the delicate, soft brown of the buildings.

93.  Modern Inspiration

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 12Shutterstock/S.Borisov
Purple, typically a royal color, brings importance to this color palette and enhances the cool shades of blue. In this shot of St. Peter's cathedral in Rome, the purple glimmer that lays over the structures helps add a sense of superiority to the cathedral. The soft gradient from blue to a soft purple-brown color, ties the palette together perfectly.

94. Pales & Navies

cool color combination - mosqueShutterstock/SabinoParente
The marble columns of the Suleymaniye mosque, along with its pale blue domes, present a palette that is so cool it could almost be freezing. These colors are befitting for any arctic or ice composition. Despite being dominated by shades of blue, this image showcases how well it works and how gentle they can be.  

95. Dusty

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 14      Shutterstock/Fabio Lamanna
This image of a terraced salt pans of the Cusco Region in Peru uses a white and brown color palette that is extremely versatile. It can be used for a wide range of design projects, from the trees and snow of an arctic forest to the coffee and whipped cream of a Starbucks frappe. Think chocolate, coffee, snow, ice. So many combinations with two simple neutral colors.

96. Classic & Dark 

classic color combination - parisShutterstock/Dennis van de Water
This snapshot of Pont Alexandre III and Les Invalides in Paris at sunrise brings out a light and dark color combination that is subdued and restrained. You can choose from the black and gray combination in the foreground or the pale cream in the background. In both cases, you can accent the whole effect with a dollop of bright orangey color strategically placed.

97. Delicates

light color combination - parisShutterstock/S. Borisov
This autumn based color scheme is emphasized by the yellow buildings and pale blue sky. The browns and greys are softened by the blue and yellows. Despite typically being bright colors, this palette uses a duller tone of each color to create a gentler combination. To enhance this style, a retro filter can complement these colors and help create the ultimate retro look.  

98. Mellow & Warm

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17Shutterstock/iascic
The warm and earthy tone of this old city street in Croatia makes the viewers feel like they are looking at a place untouched by modern technology, a place still rooted in its culture. The browns and reds, with their varying tones, truly showcase how monochromatic palettes aren't necessarily dominating but rather complement and enhance the imagery.

99. Sydney Blues

soft blue color combination - sydneyShutterstock/Taras Vyshnya
These deep blue color palette suits a variety of themes from water-based projects to nightlife, as depicted in this image of Sydney. Although the blues themselves may not seem dark, their contrast with the specks of bright yellow light brings it out. The smooth shade changes of the blue creates a gentle and soft feel to the color scheme.

100. Festive 

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 19Shutterstock/Sean Pavone
The bright red and emerald green Oriental structure stands in stark contrast to the muted gray of Mt. Fuji in the background. The soft brown of the pagoda wall offers colorful relief. The colors in this palette are quintessentially oriental and are ideal for any oriental-focused design project.

101. Cherry Blossom 

asian color combination - blossomsShutterstock/Nonthachai Saksri
Colors like the gentle purple of the cherry blossom tree as well as the jade green and brown of the castle create the perfect color palette for any East Asian art. The palette can lend itself to both East Asian fashion as well as more traditional painting. 

102. Versatile

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 21Shutterstock/RuthChoi
This soft color palette of greens and browns, creates a gentle relief to any project. This suave combination of colors works well against any other color scheme as seen in this image contrasting against the vibrant green. The green and brown combination is versatile and can be used freely in any design.

103. Authentic

color combination - taipeiShutterstock/Chen Min Chun
The use of contrasting colors with the blue and red create a strong effect and enhance the value of each individual color. This is an ideal color palette if you are looking to recreate an authentic waterfront scene as seen in this classic waterfront scene of the Tamsui River in Taipei, Taiwan.

104. Unconventional

unconventional color combination - thailandShutterstock/apiguide
This powerful sunset, effectively using the superior nature of the soft purple within the palette casts contrasts dramatically with the bright green. This resultant scene at Wat None Kum in Thailand offers plenty of unexpected unconventional color combinations that you can choose to use for your next design project.

105. Medieval

charming color combination - europeShutterstock/Stroujko
Just this one shot encapsulates the charm and colors of this German city, successfully using blues, yellows and browns to create suave and complementing imagery. If you’re looking for medieval colors for your design, there are plenty to choose from in this charming color palette.

106. Contrast

contrast color combination - bridgeShutterstock/TTstudio
This palette consists of soft shades of light and dark blues and bright and soft blues and browns. The integration of the brighter blue and brown colors will add spark and flavour to any scene.

107. Dimmer Tones

dim color combination - housesShutterstock/vichie81
A shot of the traditional colorful houses alongside the canal in Colmar, Petit Venice highlights this charming palette of colors. The darker shades of each colors make this combination ideal for dimmer scenes that will contrast well with light, bright colors.

108. Rich & Magical 

rich color combination - myanmarShutterstock/Krunja
The rich, opulent gold of the Shwedagon pagoda dominates the midnight blue skies over Myanmar at night. The red lanterns dot the sky contrasting effectively with the dark color and create a spectacular effect. This rich color combination is the classic combination to use when you want to depict royalty.

109. Mellow & Dark 

dark color combination - mosqueShutterstock/Kanuman
The importance of balance is so explicitly captured in the combination of colors seen in this shot of Istanbul in Turkey. The dark midnight blues would have dominated the shot if not for the warmth of the light of the Mosque Wall that catches the attention of the viewer.

110. Bleached 

regal color combination - palaceShutterstock/Leonid Andronov
Nothing says regal more than the color gold which is the first thing that strikes the viewer in this shot. It is a fitting color for the Golestan Palace in Tehran Iran and a great addition to this color scheme, alongside its strong orange. The gold is complemented by a vibrant green that gives the palette a natural relief, which is reinforced by the dull blue.  

111. Bright & Flamboyant 

rich color combination - moroccoShutterstock/Mikadun
The medley of colors highlights the colorful nature of the people of Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco in Africa. There’s nothing shy about the colors. Bold blues, bright red and a soft green and pink add charm to any imagery without clashing or looking garish. This colorful palette is ideal for infusing a sense of fun and gaiety into any design.


112. Faded

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 11Shutterstock/Creative Travel Projects
The use of faded tones of greens, reds and yellows creates a light and calm color combination in this shot of a mountain lake in National Park High Tatra. The sun peeking above the trees in the distance provides the only clue that the shot was taken early morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Using a retro style filter will help you achieve this look for any image.


113. Colorful Vibrance

 120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 12Shutterstock/Olga Gavrilova